LIVE FISHING REPORT : Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending Aug 6th /2023

Kitimat River Photo of the Week : Piper and Zander Wakita fishing with their “Pa Pa’ Ron and good friend, Christie while drifting the lower Kitimat River.  We named ourselves the CPR Z, M & M Fishing Team.  The acromym with created with first letters of our names.  The M & M part of our Fishing Team’s Title was party to our agreement of only be able to eat M & M’s after we landed a fish.  Piper accomplished this task in the first hole by landing 3 for 3 pinks she hooked.  Well done Piper and Congratulations to the CPR Z M &M Fishing Team.

I brought the M & Ms,  Christie brought the most delicious Blueberry Muffins and the kids brought the most amzing enthusiasm that only 6 and 9 year olds can bring.
To Piper and Zander.. You  are and will always be Pa Pa’s Rock Stars!

Kitimat River

Aug 3 Marc Girard, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters drifted with his daughter, Chrissy, His granson, Jaxons and son in law, Jonny.   The 3 generations of the Girard family hooked a pile of Pinks and Chum during their drift and created some fond family memories complete with fish stories and pictures to be enjoyed for many years in come.  Well done everyone!  Thank You for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report..


Aug 3 Our good friend, Christie posing with Piper and Zander of the CPR Z, M and M Fishing Team.
I love this picture.  Great Job Team!  We have to buy a lot more M and M’s for our next trip.  🙂


Aug-05-Marc Girard, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with our clients, Emmalee, Ryland and Cecil hooked a bunch of Pinks on their Drift.
The Kitimat River Pink run has also atracted the attention of some other interested furry friends.
There are many Black and Grizzly Bears on the Kitimat River right now especially Radley Park and the Kitimat River Hatchery.  Anglers please be cautious and travel in numbers as well make lots of noise going through the bush.
Congratulations to Emmalee, Ryuland and Cecil on your catch and Thank You for using our Guiding Services!


Please note:  The Kitimat River is open for Bait including Roe Sept 1st 12:01am

(including tributaries) All May 15 to Aug 31 Bait ban.
on west bank between signs at Kitimat hatchery outfall. All Apr 1 to Mar 31 No fishing for salmon.
downstream of Highway # 37 bridge. Chinook Apr 1 to Jul 31 1 per day, 80 cm or less.
Aug 1 to Dec 31 No fishing for chinook.
Coho Apr 1 to Oct 31 4 per day, only 2 over 50 cm.
Nov 1 to Dec 31 No fishing for coho.
Chum Apr 1 to Aug 31 2 per day.
Pink Apr 1 to Aug 31 2 per day.
upstream of Highway # 37 bridge. All Apr 1 to Mar 31 No fishing for Salmon.


Total Salmon Daily Quota is 4 Per Day with each Daily Species Quota applying.

Total Possession Limit to transport is 8 salmon   Fresh and Salt combined.


The Kitimat River continues to have all 5 species of Salmon available to be caught.  The Star of this week’s salmon run are the Pinks.  The Runner-up species are the Chum followed by a few early Coho.  Anglers are reminded that Chinook are closed for Retention July 31st  and Sockeye are always closed for retention on the Kitimat River.
There are many 3 generation Family Fishing Teams on the Kitimat River with a few 4 generation groups enjoying the fishing on the Kitimat River this week.
The weather has been sunny and the Pinks are bright silver.  This is an outstanding time for the whole family to be fishing the Kitimat River.

The beautiful weather, the Big High tides and the excellent Pink runs are creating some wonderful family fishing memories







Aug 4 Pierre Lovorie sent me this Photo and comment,
“Good day Ron.  This is Pierre.  I am sharing a picture of a halibut caught today in the Douglas Channel.  124! Just under the limit! We went out with a young fellow you may know… Chris Peacock!”
Pierre was fishing with his fishing partners and my son in law, Chris Peacock.
They caught some salmon, halibut and a bunch of crab which thet shared with yours truly.  Bon Apetite!
Congratulations to everyone on your catch

The Douglas Channel continues to produce excellent numbers of Halibut.
The Coho fishing seems to be Hot for some boaters and Cold for others.  The boats that caught Coho did exceptionally well while others not so much.  It is still early in the Coho run and the Kitier Whales and Humpbacks have been sighted numerous times feeding on the Pinks and Coho.  The whales feeding on the Coho explain the sporatic fishing results.
Smart money says, Catch the Coho while you can or the whales will ruin hte bite.
Douglas Channel appears to be better for Coho than the Devastation Chennel.
When the bite was off for Coho, many boaters are focusing on the Halibut, crab and prawns.
The Douglas Channel always produces a bounty of sea food delights to fill the cooler with.
Fish is Short!  Fish Lots!

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