LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending Aug 29/2020

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Aug 23 Aaron Von Schleinitz fishing with my Grandson, Chase Wakita and friend, Miles Besler caught these beautiful Coho.  Well done everyone!  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your picture with our Fishing Report.

Aug 23 Darren and Spring Milner holding the 3 Coho they caught this morning.  Spring caught 2 Coho while Darren caught one.  It is said that “Happy wife …Happy Life!”  Spring was pretty happy!

Aug 23 Shane Caulkins proudly holding a coho he caught minutes after starting to fish!  Gotta love when this happens.

Aug 24 Eric Whyte, Mackenzie Whyte, Allison and Abigail photoed here having some fun fishing Coho on the Kitimat River.  Good for you. Ladies!
Well done Eric!  Thank You for sharing the picture

Aug 24 Marc Girard, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with his favorite fishing partners, Erin and Bella went landed 6 Coho after hooking 11 in less than 4 hours.



Aug 24 One of two Coho Darren caught while his wife, Spring was at work!  I am pleased to report that Darren had a great day fishing and he is still happily married! : )

Aug 24 Spring holding a Coho she caught, (quote) “and yes first cast!”
after getting off work.  “Hubby measured it this morning and it was 88cms from tail to tip”.  Well done!  Congratulations!  The Streak is still on!


Aug 25 Oliver Braun and Kyle Cormier proudly showing some of the Salmon they landed on our 1/2 Day Driftboat Special of 300.00 for 4 hours with 2 clients.  Oliver and Kyle were fishing with Pro Guide, Marc Girard.  Well done Guys!  Congratulations!  Great Job Marc.

Aug 26 Marc Girard, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with his favorite fishing partner, Erin provided these pictures with this comment, “Fantastic afternoon drift, got soaking wet but well worth the experience ❤️”.  Well done!  Fish for the winter!

Aug 27 Steve Rayment proudly holding a Coho he caught fishing with Pro Guide, Dan Patchett on our 1/2 Day Driftboat Special.  Congratulations Steve!  Well done Dan!

Aug 27 Eric Whyte shared these pictures of himself, Kristin Whyte, and Abigail Whyte (with the Chrome chum).  Wow!  Congratulations Everyone!  Well done and Thank You for sharing your pictures with our Fishing Report.

Aug 29 Nathan Heit provided this photo of his wife, Candice Norlock proudly holding her first Coho.  Candice landed this beautiful Coho at the Pumphouse using a “pink 1oz Thunder jig from Ron’s store”.
Congratulations Candice and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

Aug 29 Amaya Yamada proudly holding her first salmon she landed with her own rod and reel on the “Lucky Jig” I gave her.  Well done Amaya.  Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your picture with our Fishing Report.

Aug 29 Hayden Fisk, Shallah Luis and her brother Mathias fishing with Pro Guide, Dan Patchett landed these 2 beauties on their Driftboat Trip with us.  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for using our Guide Services.

2020_aug-29-Ernie Dyck

2020_aug-29-Liam Blattner

2020_aug-29-Owen Blattner

Aug 29-Eryck Dyck
Aug 29 Ernie Dyck shared the pictures above of his group.  These Coho were only a part of their total catch during their trip to the Kitimat River this weekend.  Well done guys and Thank You for sharing your photos of your catch with our Fishing Report.

The KItimat River water level was up and down all week and the Coho fishing was exceptional when the river was low and off when the river was high.  This is typical of Coho fishing on the Kitimat River albeit the rainy season is a little earlier than normal.
To date the Coho catch rate is displaying higher than normal catch numbers and there are many very happy Coho anglers catching Coho through out the Kitimat River.
There are still an exception number of Pinks in the Kitimat River.  Most of the Males are showing their prominant humps and the females are turned into their spawning colours.  Fewer and fewer fresh sealiced Pinks are being caught.
Anglers are reminded that the retention of Pinks and Chum closes on Aug 31st.  The Bait Ban also ends on Aug 31st so the use of Bait will be permitted starting Sept 1st.
Full Salmon Quotas listed at the end of this Fishing Report.


Aug 23 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sportfishing provided this photo and comment, “Staying dry is our most required need while on the water this month! Our guests get hooked up with some fantastic Halibut this last trip!”  Congratulations Everyone!  Well done Skipper!

August 20 John from Blue Heron Charters provided this photo of his client, Jade holding this beautiful coho!  Nicely done!

Aug-23 James V provided these pictues pictures of a 16lb Coho caught at Cleo Point and a 36lb Ling Cod.  Congratulations Guys and Thank You for sharing your photos.

Aug 23  Dean Melo provided these pictures of his catch of their fishing trip this past weekend.  First picture – Cassidy, Abby, Ernie.  Second picture= Ernie, Cassidy.
Third picture – Katherine, Cassidy
Wow!  Congratulations Everyone!  Well done!  Thank You for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report!


Halibut fishing is exceptional right now while Coho fishing is really spotty.  With all the rain we received, all the rivers and creeks levels rose and the Coho migrated into the rivers and creeks.  This is normal Coho behavior but the end result is that there are fewer Coho available to the Saltwater boaters.
Most boaters are taking advantage of the excellent Halibut fishing first and then using the remaining time to troll for Coho.
Good Luck Fishing!
Please Stay Safe!




Closed for Retention on the Kitimat River July 31st

FOUR per day. Only Two over 50 cms
Min. size 30cms

TWO per day.
Min. size 30cms. Closes for retention Aug 31st

TWO per day
Min. size 30cms. Closes for retention Aug 31st

Sockeye No retention on Kitimat River

With each species Daily Quota applying.

TOTAL POSSESSION: EIGHT Salmon Total with each daily species quota applying.  Possession is twice daily limit.
Fresh and Salt Water combined.


Anglers are reminded to return the heads of any Steelhead or Salmon with a clipped adipose fin to the Kitimat River Hatchery or Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop
Anyone returning Hatchery heads to Ron’s Fishing Tackle Shop , will have the remainder of their fish frozen for FREE.

Anyone wishing to Book a Drift boat Trip of a Lifetime with Reliable Guide and Charters, please contact Ron at 250 632 1275 or email