LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending Aug 28 2021

KITIMAT RIVER PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Aug 22 Jan  Chaba and Kevin Geiger proudly holding a very fresh Coho that Jan landed on our morning drift.  Jan and Kevin took advantage of our 1/2 Day (4hr) Driftboat Special 400.00 for 2 clients.  For more details please see the full report below.

Aug 22 Jan  Chaba and Kevin Geiger proudly holding 4 Pinks and a Coho they kept on our morning drift. Chaba and Kevin hooked and landed many others during our drift including a large Chum that Kevin released.
As always this time of year many, many other released themselves.  🙂
Our motto is to, Review.  Correct.  Land the next one.  Sometimes the fish just gets away….
Thank You to Jan and Kevin for using our Guide Services. I had a lot of fun fishing with you both.  It is always refreshing to fish with clients who possess the enthussiasm and passion for fishing.

Aug 22 Deb Fenwick provided this photo and comments, “Well Ron, I had a great time fishing here and definitely will be back. With one hour left on our last day, I caught the biggest of the group! 11.2lbs!”  Well done Deb!  Congratulations!  Thank You sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.

Aug 22 Sharmin Calkins caught this Coho while Bar Fishing at the Lower, lower dike on the rising high tide using a Pearl Clown Spin n glo with a pink hoochie.   Sharmin is sporting her new Frogg Togg waders she bought for this occasion.
You are Looking Good Sharmin!
Congratulation Sharmin and Thank You for sharing your picture with our Fishing Report.


Aug 24 Kari Steinhauer proudly holding a Coho she caught fishing with her co-workers, Susan Lacroix, Michael Creedon and Don Mactavish.  This group booked a 2 Boat Driftboat trip on our Special 1/2 Day (4hour) Drift after work with our Pro Guides, Ryland Findley and Jared Sketchley.”This group hooked, landed and lost a bunch of fish on their drift.  Congratulations Eveyyone and Thank You for using our Guide Services.

Aug 24 Mathias Luis proudly holding a Coho he landed using a Gibss Copper Ironhead spoon.  Mathias is a staff member of Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle ND Bait Shop and is a potential Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters.  Well done Mathias.  Congratulations on your catch.

Aug 26 Ken Fujino, Ron Fifjino, Dianne Fijino, Sharon Brownell, John, Karina Anderson are proudly holding their catch they caught bar fishing on the Lower, lower Dike .  This group of family, friends, in-laws and outlaws have been fishing the Kitimat River for over 30 years many more.  They were rewarded for their persistence after fishing 3 days with little or no Coho.  The Kitimat River water level was dropping their first 3 days and after a little rain Thursday night this group hooked 12 or 13 Coho and landed 7..Congratulations everyone!  Well done and Thank You for sharing your pictures with our Fishing Report.

Maddison Morasse Abigail and Allison Whyte. proudly holding their Coho caught at the Upper Lower Dike.  Well done Ladies!  Congratulations!

Coho Fishing and Romance on the Kitimat River.
I am not sure whether to say, “Congratulations!” or “Get a Room”! 🙂

Aug 24,26 &27 Kristin Whyte Jayden & Carrie Morasse and Eric proudly holding they Coho they caught at the Upper, lower Dike.  Kristin provided these photos and this comment, “Twitching thunder jigs and casting gold spoons size 45 to 55.  These are two separate days on the upper dyke. Aug 26 and 27th.  The Morasse bought their rods from your store. Eric had emailed you and had you set them aside for them. Thanks Ron , always a pleasure coming into your store.”
Congratulations to everyone for a very impressive catch.
Thank You for the kind words and for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report.

The Kitimat River water levels earlier this week were the lowest they have been all year.  Accordingly only a few Coho were migrating into the Kitimat River during the low water conditions despite some very big tides.  But after we received some rain on Thursday night and a bunch of Coho flushed into the river.  Bar fishing on the Lower, lower Dike was the hottest hole.  The other holes in the lower Kitimat (below) produced but the Lower and upper lower Dike was the by far the best.
Driftboaters also reported better results in the holes below Cable Car.
Driftboaters beware of the Sawmill to Cable Car stretch.
The rain put Kitimat River Coho season back on track and the upcoming Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby (Labour Day weekend) is shaping up to be a good one.
The main focus of the Derby is for everyone to catch some fish, tell some fish stories, and above all else, Have Fun!
Tickets are available at Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop..
Anglers are reminded that, tickets for the Derby must be purchased on Friday to be eligible to enter fish in on Saturday.  Derby tickets purchased on Saturday can only weigh in Fish on Sunday.
Good Luck Everyone.  Please Stay Safe and Have Fun!


Aug 21 Robert and Calvin Haloboff proudly standing behind their pretty impressive catch.
Robert and Calvin were one of our 2 Day Fishing Packages on the Douglas Channel.  Wow!  Nicely done everyone!  Well done Skipper!
Anyone wishing to Book a Saltwater Trip of a LIfetime, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

Aug 22 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sportfishing provided this photo and  comment, “Gary Passamare gets hooked up with a 131cm Halibut on a recent trip with us!”  Wow Nice Halibut!  Just under the max. legal size.  Congratulations Gary!  Well done Skipper!

Aug 25 Mathias Luis holding one of four Coho he hooked in Sue Channel on a Green flasher and an Anchovie.  Well done Mathias.

Aug 25 Jody and Chenille Gardiner provided these photos and comments,  “Iron Chef jose’ bambino ( Kasen Gardiner)” of their trip on the Douglas Channel.
Thank You for sharing these photos and Congratulations on your catch.


Aug 28 Mandy Moon, Lorne Grajkowski  and Florence Chan proudly holding the fish they caught during one of our Saltwater Charters. Many commented that, “We had an AMAZING time!”  Congratulations on your catch.  Thank You for allowing us to share your pictures and using our Charter Services.

The Douglas Channel continues to produce excellent catches of Halibut and Coho.  Many boaters are limiting out in both species and also catching the odd big Chinook..  This is the best time to catch fish to can, smoke or vacuum seal to eat during the winter months as well as being able to have a dine on some fresh crab and prawns.  All the Coho are destined to go up and spawn in the rivers and creeks flowing into the Douglas Channel.  With each rising high tide, more and more Coho will migrate into their spawning river, stream or creek leaving less Coho available to be caught in the saltwater.  Coho fishing is good right now.  Smart money says to get out and catch the Coho before it is too late.  True Roll lures and Anchovies with a Blue/Green Mist Flasher has been the most productive.
Excellent numbers of fish, good weather and fishing with good friends and family is an awesome recipe to create amazing memories.
If you add a soak in one of the Hot Springs to the experience it is icing on the cake.
We are blessed to live in the proximity of the stock abundance and beauty of the Douglas Channel especially when Mother Nature provides calm seas and blue skies.
Good Luck, Stay Safe and Have Fun


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