LIVE FISHING REPORT : Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending Aug 19 /2023


August 13; John from Blue Heron Charters fishing with Sheila, Pat, Gerald, and Keenan from Alberta; two 90 pound halibut this calm August day.  Wow!  Congratulations everyone!  Great Job Skipper!
If catching a big Halibut is on your “Bucket List”, now is a good time to check it off your list.
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Kitimat River Photo of the Week 

Kitimat River

Aug 16 Mike landed the “midget coho” at duck creek on a ball of yarn.

Aug 15 – Desiree staff member of Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop, caught on a flex pink, pink jig.

Aug 13 Linda and her chum

The Kitimat River is right in between Salmon runs this week.  It is the tail end of Pinks and Chum.  There are fewer and fewer fresh Pinks and Chum still coming in and most are are either starting to spawn or have already finished spawning.
There have been a few Coho caught every day this week and progressively get better with every high tide.
This year’s Chamber of Commerce should have a bunch of Coho migrating into the river on the 19.7′ High tides at the end of the month.
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Please note:  The Kitimat River is open for Bait including Roe Sept 1st 12:01am

(including tributaries) All May 15 to Aug 31 Bait ban.
on west bank between signs at Kitimat hatchery outfall. All Apr 1 to Mar 31 No fishing for salmon.
downstream of Highway # 37 bridge. Chinook Apr 1 to Jul 31 1 per day, 80 cm or less.
Aug 1 to Dec 31 No fishing for chinook.
Coho Apr 1 to Oct 31 4 per day, only 2 over 50 cm.
Nov 1 to Dec 31 No fishing for coho.
Chum Apr 1 to Aug 31 2 per day.
Pink Apr 1 to Aug 31 2 per day.
upstream of Highway # 37 bridge. All Apr 1 to Mar 31 No fishing for Salmon.


Total Salmon Daily Quota is 4 Per Day with each Daily Species Quota applying.

Total Possession Limit to transport is 8 salmon   Fresh and Salt combined.


Aug 13 Andres 

Aug 16 Desiree and Grandpa G (Guy) from fishwestcoast sportfishing adventures with Grandpa G (George). The crew had a blast out fishing the Sue Channel with catches of coho and dungeness crabs today.

Aug 15 Dan and Belle Lachapelle retired owner of Halibut Hounds Charters still working his magic on the Douglas Channel.  Dan shared these comments, “Hi Ron, thought I would share these pics with ya , we had another successful trip to my honey holes , we got a few nice halibut and limited out on some beauty coho , and lost a bunch . Crabbing was disappointing this year but that’s very rare ,and BTW that’s Tikka the new halibut hound was her first 4 day trip and she faired well , we had to say good bye to the original halibut hound at 16.5 yrs old , so Tikka has some big shoes to fill . Sent from my iPhone”
Congrautlations on your catch and Thank You for sharing your photos with our Fishing Report.

More and more Coho are slowly making their way up to this end of the channel.
The normal migration of Coho is being interupted by the Kitiller Whales.  Many boaters have commented that they have been seeing the Killer whales more times this year than normal.  I guess, “they have to eat too”!
Despite the interuption in the Coho migration, the Coho are starting to be caught in the Kitimat Harbour.
Saltwater Anglers are reminded that the Max length for Halibut is 126cms.  The new regulations are on page 2 of your Tidal Water License.
Good Luck to everyone and Please Safe Safe!

Life is Short!  Fish Lots!