LIVE FISHING REPORT: Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop Fishing Report Week ending Aug 17 2019

PHOTO OF THE WEEK;  Aug 15:  I had the pleasure of fishing with Gino Odjeck and Peter Leech.  Gino Odjeck, Peter Leech and Bryan Trottier were in Kitimat participating in a Road Hockey Tournament hosted by the Haisla Nation Council.
My son, Corey was in the other Driftboat with Adrian Mercer and Athan representing the HNC.  We had a lot of fun catching Pinks and Corey’s boat landed a Coho.  Peter and Gino very graciously donated their catch to a family in the Kitimaat Village who recently lost a loved one. Very commendable.
Thank You to Gino and Peter for the great fun and hockey stories.
Thank You to the Haisla Nation Council for enlisting our Guide Services.



The Kitimat River was very, very low up to Sunday Aug 18th.  We received some much needed rain and the Kitimat rose 28″.  This will help flush some dead Chum and Chinook and wash out some of the Zombie Pinks out of the Kitimat River.
As always, we need to careful what we wish for the because the Kitimat River got a little dirty with the rain.  The main river was dirty below Hircsh Creek but the main river above was fishable.
I suspect when the river drops and cleans there will more Coho in the Kitimat River.  Stay tuned.