Live Fishing Report Kitimat River, Douglas Channel and Prince Rupert June 26 to July 2

Photo of the Week: Paul Hamblin is proudly holding this beautiful 20lb Chinook that he caught at the Kitimat Pump house this morning. (June 26).  Paul was Bar Fishing with a Pink Tiger #2 Spin n Glo. Paul was noticeably happy about landing this Chinook because he lost one last night.  You don’t win every battle with Chinook but it sure feels good when you win one!  Just ask Paul!  : )

June 26 Montana landed this 22lb Chinook Bar Fishing at the Pump House this morning.  Montana was using a Pearl Clown #0 Spin n Glo.  With the Kitimat River is still high from the snow melt the Pump House produced a couple of Chinook this morning.  Congratulations Montana!

June 26 Michael Frank landed this nice 20lb Chinook Bar fishing in the Pump House pool.  Nice Fish Michael.  Well done!

June 25 and 26th Duanne Duguid sent me these pictures and comments,  “My wife’s fish Darla Duguid.  The first one was on June 25th and weighed 25lbs.  The  second weighed 25.8lbs and was caught on June 26th.  Both were caught on the upper, lower dyke.  Well done Darla!  Congratulations on some very nice fish.  Thank You for sharing your pictures in this Fishing Report.

June 27 Barry Cunningham landed this 25lb Chinook Bar Fishing on the lower lower Dike.  Congratulations Barry.  Well done!

June 27 Durval Da Costa caught this Pink jiggin on the 1st Dike during the morning bite.  Well done Durval.  Ist Pink of the year that I have logged.

June 27 Brian Apps sent this photo of his daughter Alexis with her 10lb Chinook,  “She reeled it in needed a little help from me but did most of it herself”.  Wow!  Well done Alexis!  I sense a very special Dad/daughter moment!  I am sure this a moment in your family history book of life that will be remembered for a very long time.  Congratulations to the both of you!

June 27 Erin Ziebart is holding a nice 20lb Chinook she caught fishing with her favorite guide, Marc Girard.  Marc is an associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters.  Erin was helping Marc do a pre- client trip for some clients we have booked for Friday.  The true sign of professional guide is get tuned to the run prior to hosting our clients.   Well done Erin!  Congratulations on a very nice Chinook.
Anyone wishing to book a Trip of Lifetime with Marc, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

July 2  Troy Michaloski is holding a 23lb Chinook he caught fishing the upper, lower dike with a jig.  Congratulations Troy.


The Kitimat River level has been up and down all week due to rain and or snow melt.  The fishing has been hot and cold depending on which holes you were fishing.  For example the lower, lower dike has been hot one day and then off the next.  The Hatchery Island had days when it was the hot hole and then off the next.
This was the case with most of the holes in the lower Kitimat River.  When the river dropped, fishing was good.  When the river was high the bite was off and the Chinook moved up river.  The message learned this week was that if you were fishing a hole that was producing , stay on it because when the river rose, the Chinook moved up river.  Looking up at the snow pack still left on the mountains we can expect the same for the coming week.  Pinks and Chum are starting to show.  With each rising tide, the KItimat River will start to be plentiful with Chinook, Pink and Chum salmon much to the delight of anglers of all ages.
Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van and Bait Shop with the input of many of Kitimat’s finest anglers has developed and produced a New series of “Thunder Jigs” called the Jesus series.  These Jigs have been specifically designed to catch Chinook.  Stayed tuned!


June 29  Mike Funderburke and Wes from Yakama are holding some very nice Chinook that they caught in the Kitimat River Estuary.  Mike was pretty happy to finally make the comment that, “The fish are really showing”.  Gotta love when a plan finally comes together.  Congratulations guys!  Thank You for sharing your photos with my Fishing Report.

June 30  Diandra is holding her 24lb Chinook Salmon that she caught in the Kitimat Tide line fishery.  What a Beauty!  And the fish is nice too!  🙂   Diandra was fishing with “Hubby”, Michael Frank.  Congratulations

July 1 Dustin Rumley with his beautiful 18 lb Chinook. Caught on the lower river July 1. Happy Birthday, Canada!!
Dylan Rumley and Daphne Hall on the lower river. Dylan’s Chinook may look bigger, but Daphne says her’s is prettier.

Douglas Channel

June 30 John from Blue Heron Charters fishing with our clients Symon and Vlasek landed 2 awesome Halibut.  Sorry the photo of the other halibut could not be shown.  Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with John, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

July 2 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sportfishing provided this photo of our clients holding their Halibut.
Wow!  Well done!  Anyone wishing to book a Saltwater Trip of a Lifetime please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email