Fishing Report June 26 – July 2 2016

Kitimat River, Douglas Channel and Prince Rupert

Fred Schaber holding a 36lb Kitimat River Chinook caught July 7 on a Luhr Jensen 3/4 Hot Shot Metallic Pink. For more details please see Kitimat River section below.

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I apologize for including 2 Fishing Reports into one. I had an incident with my phone and I had some health issues. I am sorry to include some photos without the angler’s name and info. The info were in my phone. Please forward your name to and I will include it in my next report.

Kitimat River


June 28

Bella Kaczmarek caught this beautiful, bright Kitimat River Chum using a 3/4 oz Pink Jig made by Jim’s Jigs. Jim’s Jigs are the most productive jigs on the Kitimat because the heads are painted. The painted heads definitely make a difference. Some anglers will not use anything else.

Bella caught this bright Chum on lower, lower Dike shortly after high tide. Congratulations Bella. She is a beauty! The Chum is very nice too! : )

2016-06-26-3 2016-06-26-4 2016-06-26-5

July 1,7

I had the pleasure of meeting the Schaber family, Fred, Ellie and daughter, Lisa. It was an absolute delight to meet and fish with Fred, Ellie and Lisa. As we journey through life there are certain people who leave an impression on our hearts and memories. These photos capture some of the special moments. Thank You for creating a special chapter in my history book of life that I will always remember. Praise God for crossing our paths. “Thank You for being you”, says it best. “God Bless you” says it from my heart.


July 1

Amanda Boonstra holding a Pink with sea lice caught at the lower, lower dike pink shortly after high tide. Congratulations Amanda!


July 2

Kris Burdeniuk 12lb Chinook caught at the upper,lower dike. The other info was lost in my phone.



Marc Girard, Pro guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with our clients Allen and Deb Black caught these beauties and others on their Drift down the Kitimat River.

Congratulations to Deb and Allan on your catch! Great Job Marc! The pictures say it all. I hope you had a wonderful experience on the Kitimat River. In addition to catching fish, we pride ourselves in creating a memorable experience.

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a lifetime with Marc, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275


July 3

Scott Findingly and his caught this Chinook bar fishing on the lower, lower dike. I am sorry not to include Scott’s son’s name and tackle info..lost in phone.

2016-06-26-10 2016-06-26-11

July 4

Charles from Alberta caught this 30.1 lb Chinook bar fishing at the lowered, lower dike using a Trophy XL 10 1/2’ H Rod and a Shimano Reel. Well done Charles!


July 8

This beauty was caught Bar fishing the lower, lower Dike. Congratulations! Please forward your name and I will include it in the next report.


July 8

This group caught these Pinks fishing the Upper-lower-dike-pinks. Names and info were in my phone. Arrr!


Not withstanding some issues with my phone and other issues, I am happy to report that are lots of fresh Chum, Pinks and Chinook. This has been a very difficult year to fish given the exceptionally low river conditions. Fishing the incoming tides and fishing early in the morning and into the evening has generated success for many anglers. Especially for Chinook. we received some needed rain which will bring more fish. I think there are more Chinook to come. Stay tuned to this report.

This is an excellent time to be fishing the Kitimat River because all species can be caught right now. Marc Girard caught a Coho this week which is really early. This adds to the excitement of setting the hook on fish not knowing what it is. We call catching all 4 species of Salmon on the same day…”The Gran Slam”. Chinook, Chum, Pink and Coho..all five species would “The Cycle”

Anyone wishing to book a Driftboat Trip of a Lifetime please contact Ron of call 250 632 1275.


Douglas Channel


July 4

Todd Haynes, Pro Guide and owner of Nautical Sport Fishing provided this photo, “Guests from Edmonton enjoy a day of hooking up with some Big Halibut! This one maxed out at 133cm! Great catch!

Congratulations Everyone. Well done Todd! Great Job everyone.


July 7

Todd Haynes, of Nautical West Sport Fishing provided this photo, “ Guests from Ft St Johns get hooked up with some Big Halibut while fishing with Nautical West Sport Fishing!

Wow! Congratulations! It is not only about catching fish with Nautical West Sport Fishing, it is also about creating memorable experience complete with smiles.

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Todd, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.

2016-06-26-16 2016-06-26-17 2016-06-26-18

July 2 to 8

Larry of Nautical West Sport Fishing reports, “This week fishing with Pro guide Larry Wesolowsky of Nautical West Sportfishing produced some vary respectable numbers of fish. July 2/16, we took out Anna Kessels group and caught 3 halibut ranging from 107cm to 117cm. They also took home 17 crab. On July 4/16, we did some afternoon river fishing with Vickie Wesolowsky and Kailey Fouville and caught 1 chum and 1 Chinook, then off to the ocean with the two girls for an overnight stay in Hartley Bay produced 9 coho, 1 Chinook, 7 pink and 4 crab for a delicious supper on July 5/16. On July 8/16 we took out Ed Geisbrecht and family and caught 5 coho, 6 pink, 1 copper sea bass and 7 crab. All in all it was a fantastic week of fishing and it’s only getting better as the salmon are really starting to show up.” Congratulations everyone! Exceptional Job!

Larry possesses a quiet unassuming demeanor with a methodical approach to catching fish and loves to fun have doing it. In short. Larry is a quiet, fun loving Skipper who loves to catch his clients fish!

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Larry, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275


July 8

John Eckstein of Blue Heron Charters provided these photos fishing with his clients, John and Alfie. Congratulations to John and Alfie. Nicely done! Great Job Skipper!

John is a very gifted and talented Skipper who possesses the passion to catch fish complete with the patience to teach, coach and direct his clients with all the steps required to achieve the success of putting fish in the cooler. John is a school teacher in the off season and enjoys teaching as well as catching fish.

Anyone wishing to book John for a Trip of a lifetime please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.


This is an excellent time to be fishing the Douglas Channel. All five species of salmon are abundant and available to be caught and put into the cooler. Chinook and Chum catch will gradually taper off as they migrate into the rivers to spawn but Coho and Pink catch will increase through out August. There are also Sockeye stocks in the Douglas Channel if you know where and when to go.

Halibut fishing is outstanding right now. As demonstrated in the pictures, many of our clients will be enjoying fresh halibut fish and chips.

The key to fishing any where to to know when and where to go and knowing what to do when you get there. Our Charters boats are available to help provide all the above to our clients but Reliable Guide and Charters is now offering the services of a guide to go on board your boat and provide the same info. Anyone interested, please contact Ron of call 250 632 1275.

Prince Rupert

2016-06-26-20 2016-06-26-21 2016-06-26-22

June 26

Dave Payjack of Seawest Adventures reports “Fishing with our clients, Ian Malcom, Scott Arthors and Roy West. 3 springs, 7 coho, 1 chum, 4 ling Cod, 6 Halibut and 3 snapper. Outside waters of Prince Rupert. Congratulations to all! Well done Skipper!

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Dave, please contact Ron of call 250 632 1275

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime for a Driftboat Trip down the Kitimat River or Jet boat Trip to the lower Kitimat or A Saltwater Charter out of Kitimat or Prince Rupert please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275

I hope you enjoyed the Fishing Report!

Good Health! and Good Fishing!


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