Fishing Report July 10 – 16 2016

Kitimat River, Douglas Channel and Prince Rupert
Paddy Carty (left) and his step sister Rachel Miner (right) are holding their prize catches of Kitimat River Pinks.  These are their first fish they have ever caught.  Well done kids!  Congratulations!
For full details please see Kitimat River section in report below.

Reliable Guide and Charters Weekly Fishing Report July 10 to July 16 Kitimat River, Douglas Channel and Prince Rupert



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Kitimat River


July 10

Zoey and Selah Harker fishing with their parents David and Jamie at water intake pool.  Pinks are a family favourite.  It is refreshing to see so many families enjoying the plentiful Pink return this year.  And the great weather has been awesome.  You are creating family memories that the kids will not forgot.  Well done!  Some of the fondest memories I have of my father are “fishing trips”.20160710-03

July 11

Joyce Bushett caught this bright 24lb Chinook fishing the upper, lower dike.  Congratulation Joyce!  Very nice fish! Thank You for sharing your photo with the readers of this fishing report.


July 11

Gerald Volz landed this bright Kitimat River Chinook Bar fishing at the lower, lower dike.  Congratulations Gerald!  Nice fish!





July 12

Cindy Smith is holding a 17.5 lb Chinook that she caught Bar fishing at the lower,lower dike.  In the photo top right is Jason Burg is holding a 17 lb bright.  In the photo on the lower left is Taylor holding a 15lb Chinook. Bailey is in the photo lower right holding the first fish she caught on her new rod.  Congratulations to all of you.   Cindy and Jason are camping with on the Kitimat River with their daughters, Taylor,Bailey and their friend Rachael  They are enjoying the outdoors while sharing their passion for fishing with their daughters and their friend.

I love to witness families fishing together and enjoying the passion of fishing together.  It warms my heart to know that they are creating family memories and fish stories that will to shared for many years.  Well done everyone .

I am proud to announce in this Fishing Report that Cindy leads the “family big fish contest”.  Judging by Cindy’s smile in her picture, she is pretty proud to be the reigning champion.

Congratulations Cindy but at the end of the day, your whole family win the prize of creating family memories and a stronger family bond.

20160710-09 20160710-10 20160710-11 20160710-1220160710-13

Left to right: Jackie, Bill, Jake and Courtney/Jake

July 10 to 16

My good friends Jackie, Bill and son,Jake Schnupp and Jake’s girlfriend’s Courtney from Idaho are visiting and fishing the Kitimat River.  I am proud to announce in this Fishing Report that Jackie leads the Schnupp Family Big Fish Contest.  No contest is with out controversy.  The Schnupp Family Big Fish Contest is no different.  When Jackie asked Bill how big her Chum was.  Bill responded that it was a least 70lbs.  Everyone acknowledged the weight.  I think because they were subscribing to the theory of “Do not bite the hand that feeds you”. I thought it was bigger….  Jackie feeds me too.  Congratulations to Jackie! : )

PS Jake fought and landed his chum, then turned him loose to fight another day. He might have loved him and hugged him and called him George first….

20160710-14 20160710-15
July 15
I had the pleasure of meeting Paddy Carter and Rachel Miner at the Water Intake hole across from Radley Park.  They were fishing with their Mom, Elizabeth McCrea, Step dad, Jay, Carty, bother, William Miner and step brothers Josh, Nate and Paddy Carty.  It was a joy to watch these kids land their first fish.  Their excitement was shared by their family and their pride of their accomplishment speaks for itself in their pictures.  I believe everyone in the family landed fish during their fishing trip and I am sure that these special family moments and fish stories will be remembered by everyone.  Thank You to Jay, Elizabeth and family for sharing your family moments in this fishing report.


This week was “Family week on the Kitimat River”.  The pink returns has been outstanding this year.  It is always nice to see families fishing together and it is always a special moment to see the smiles on the face of the youngsters.  For many of them, it is their first fish.  Many mothers are also participating in the fun and their smiles are as big as their kids.  As I watch the Dad’s enjoy these special moments, sometimes it is hard to tell which ones are the kids! : )  There are even a few Grandfathers and Grandmothers on the river enjoying the fishing with their families. It is not uncommon to see 3 generations fishing together. It is a JOY to watch and report.

The Chum is fishery is also very strong.  As usual, the Chum seem to show up all at once!  They are here now!

Some bright Chinook showed up after the Thunder, Lightening, Rain and Hale Storm we received on Friday.  Wow!  That was quite the event.  Kitimat Fireworks!

The rain bumped up the river height and brought in a fresh run of Chinook.  There were 2 Coho caught by Marc Girard fishing with our clients.  (Sorry I had not received any photos yet at the time of writing this report)

There was a even a few Sockeye reported.  Please be advised that there is zero retention of Sockeye.

There are all five species of Salmon swimming the Kitimat River for all of us to enjoy.  This is an awesome time to be fishing the Kitimat River.

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Douglas Channel

20160710-16 20160710-17 20160710-18

July 8 to 10

Dan Lachapelle of Halibut Hound Charters provided these photos and pictures, “Hi Ron , this is Greg and his dad Wes Nordig , we got 5 coho 4 pinks, 3 chum-lost lots -6 halibut , got some jumbo prawns and a good feed of crab , lost a good halibut.  All in all a pretty good trip though.”  Wow I’ll say

20160710-19 20160710-20

July 11

Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sport Fishing provided these photos and info, “Guests from Calgary hooked 5 Halibut today and a limit of Rockfish!”

Congratulation to everyone!  There will be some fish and chips enjoyed in Calgary.  Great Job Todd.

20160710-21 20160710-22

July 12

Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sport Fishing provided these photos and info,  “Guests from Ft St. John’s hook up with some nice Chinook salmon!”
Well done! Congratulations on your catch.  Good Job Todd!
Anyone wishing to Book a Trip of a Life with Todd, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275

20160710-23 20160710-24 20160710-25

July 14

Dan Lachapelle of Halibut Hound Charters provided these photos and info, “Stan Eason from fort St. John 2 halibut 1, 50 lbs, limited out on salmon 3 coho , 1 chinook , rest were pinks”
Wow! Congratulations Stan!  Well done!  Great Job Dan!

20160710-26 20160710-27


July 15 to 17

Larry Wesolowsky of Nautical West Sport Fishing reports, “Herb Bailey and sons Heath and Lance, out fishing from July 15-17, took home 20 salmon,limit of rock fish and 18 crab.”
Wow!  That is quite the catch.  Congratulations everyone!  Great Job Skipper!
Anyone wishing to Book a Trip of a Lifetime with Larry, please contact Ron at or call 250 632 1275


The Douglas Channel is full of all five species of Salmon.  As the more Chinook reach their spawning creek or river, Chinook catch will obviously decline but the good news is that Coho catches will increase dramatically.  Although Chinook and Coho are the prefer salmon, (notwithstanding Sockeye) there are plenty of Pinks and Chum to keep anglers entertained.

Halibut fishing is outstanding this year.  Everything in nature has a cycle and this is the year for Halibut.  If catching Halibut is on your “Bucket list”, this would be good year to check it off.

Anyone wishing to Book a Trip of a Lifetime on the Douglas Channel please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275 

Prince Rupert

20160710-29 20160710-30

July 12

Dave Payjack Seawest Fishing Adventures provided this photos with the caption “What a fun day for the family”.  Wow!  Congratulations on your catch! You gotta love the “Shot Gun pose”.  This photo captures a very special family moment.  Well done!  Great Job Everyone!  Great Job Skipper! Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Dave, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.

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I hope you enjoyed the Fishing Report!
Good Health! and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita

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