Fishing Report Aug 19 – 29 2016

Kitimat River, Douglas Channel and Prince Rupert

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PHOTOS OF THE WEEK:  Four Generations of the Bachand Family proudly holding up the Coho they caught on the Kitimat River.

For more details please see the Kitimat River section of the Fishing report below.


WARNING TO DRIFBOATERS:  There is a tree right across the river in the left channel below the Haisla Bridge and above the Big Spruce.  Please beware because it does not look like it goes all the way across until you are on top of it.  It is best to take the right channel or walk the boat around the tree.  Please be careful!

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Kitimat River


Aug 20

Manuel Racheo holding a Coho caught by Ted Riel at the Kitimat River Pump House.  Ted hooked this Coho on a Gibbs/Delta Koho 65 Blue Illusion.

Congratulations and Thank You for sharing this picture with my Fishing Report.


Aug 21

Steve Burdeniuk holding a Coho with sea lice that he caught while he was bar fishing at the lower, lower dike.  Well done Steve!


Aug 21

Ron Bushett holding 2 very nice Coho he caught at the upper,lower dike.  Ron has perfected float fishing a small jig below a Gibbs/Delta float.  Ron has caught an unbelievable number of Pinks with this technique and as you can see by the picture, it works for Coho as well.  Well done Ron


Aug 22

I had the pleasure of drifting with Geoff and Sharon Roberts.  We caught a pile of Pinks including these two huge Males.  Geoff and Sharon were rather competitive when they are fishing but it was a lot of fun fishing with them.  Thank You for using our Guiding Services.



Aug 23

Pavel Konicek caught this Coho in the Upper lower dike using a blue #2 spin n glo with blue hoochie.  Congratulations Pavel.


20160809-10Aug 25

This 8lb coho was caught on Lower lower Dyke by Muriel McNeill from Granisle BC.  Thank You Muriel for sharing your photo and the Love for this Fishing Report. Well done!



Aug 26

Mikki, caught this large Cutthroat Trout on a silver/blue scale spoon.  Nice fish and Thank You for sharing your picture with my Fishing Report


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Aug 27, 28 & 29

Grady and Shayla were fishing with their Great Grandparents Marie and Laurent Bachand, Grandpa Larry Aubichon and Mom, Angela Aubichon at the Lower, lower dike.

All four generations are proudly holding their catch but the real prize is that the entire family is enjoying the love of fishing and each other while fishing on the Kitimat River for Coho.

Thank You sharing some very special Family moments with this Fishing Report.  Nicely done everyone!  Congratulations for your catch and Thank You for allowing me to share your family moments in this fishing report.


Aug 27

Loretta Riel caught this beautiful Coho bar fishing at the Lower lower dike.  This Coho was 16lbs or more and Loretta caught another one that was even bigger.  Congratulations Loretta!  Maybe if your husband, Ted is nice to you, you could give him a couple of pointers on how to catch Coho!  : ) This was one of 6 Coho landed while I was down at the lower dike.


Aug 28

Mel Ridey caught his first Coho of the season at the Lower lower Dike.  Congratulations Mel.  I am sure this is the first of many more to come.


Aug 28

Jacob caught these beauties on a Koho 45 Copper and orange spoon.  Thank You for sharing this photo in this Fishing Report.




Aug 28

Scott Westgate is holding 2 Coho that his wife, Aggie.  Aggie is Scott’s Lucky Charm but even better is that she caught the only 2 Coho landed by the Westgate family on this outing..  Scott landed 2 Coho the next day.  Congratulations Scott and Aggie,   Scottie always catches more fish when Aggie goes with him.  I think if Scottie does the dishes more often, Aggie may fish with him more. : )



Aug 28

Mark Dawley submitted this photo and comment,  “First blood of the trip 11.6 pounds”  Congratulations Mark and Thank You for sharing the photo of your catch.



Aug 28

George Smersnuk caught these 2 big Coho fishing with a his hand tied Blue Jig at the Lower, lower dike.  Nicely done George!



Aug 28

Ken Fleming caught these nice big Coho fishing at the Powerlines.  Ken was bottom bouncing a #4 rainbow trout Spin n glo with a pink hoochie.  Well done Ken.


Aug 29

Joe Giesbrecht fishing with his wife, Darla caught this nice Coho under the Haisla Bridge.  Darla commented that Joe is always in a better mood when he catches fish!  : )

Congratulations to you both.


Aug 29

Vincent Starr landed this Coho with a Blue green jig.  Congratulations Vincent.  This was one of five Coho caught under the Haisla Bridge during the morning bite.


Aug 29

Brian Landry caught this Coho fishing at the lower, lower dike.  Well done Brian.  Thank you for allowing me to share your picture in this fishing report.


Aug 29

Glen Davies landed this beauty bar fishing at the lower, lower dike.  Nice Fish!  Well done!


Aug 29

Tom Staige landed this nice big Coho also barfishing at the lower, lower dike.  Congratulations!


Aug 29

Tom Milne caught his first Coho bar fishing at the lower lower dike.  All of Tom’s friends were cheering Tom on as he landed this Coho.  Tom followed up by landing another later in the afternoon.  Well done Tom!



Aug 29

Dave and Isabel Lehane landed these nice Coho with a jig on the lower lower dike.  Well done Dave and Isabel. Isabel commented that Dave is in a lot better mood when he catches fish.

Dave responded that,  “so is Isabel”.  The solution is simple.  All you have to do is catch fish!  Good Luck!

20160809-2720160809-26 20160809-28

Aug 29

Marc Girard Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters on a personal trip with his “Lucky Charm”, Erin.  Erin and Marc caught these beauties on their Drift.  Congratulations!

Erin and Marc had a white water experience drifting below the Haisla Bridge.  There is a tree fallen across the entire side channel.  Marc and Erin thankfully managed to navigate right over the tree!

Driftboaters are warned to be aware of this tree.  Please be careful!

Everyone wishing to Book a Driftboat Trip of a Lifetime please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.




This week Coho fishing on the Kitimat River started slow but after we received some much needed rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Coho catch rates exploded.

The 2 hottest spots on the Kitimat River is the Lower, lower Dike and the Powerlines.  Other holes on the Kitimat River started to catch Coho after the bump of rain that we received.  Most notably was the pool above Cable Car and the Haisla Bridge.  My consensus is that all the anglers through the Kitimat River are in a lot better mood when they are catching fish.  Even if it is raining because the truth of the situation is that rain caused this abundance of Coho.  Good Luck to everyone.  Don’t forget to enter the Chamber of Commerce Derby.

Good Luck to All!



Douglas Channel



Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sport Fishing reports, “Our fantastic guests from Kamloops get hooked up with cooler full of coho salmon and limit of rockfish!”

Wow!  Congratulations everyone!

Anyone wishing to Book a Trip of a Lifetime with Todd, please email Ron or  call 250 632 1275.

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Aug 26

Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sport Fishing fishing with Jim Mummery and his group reports,  “Limited out Halibut and Coho”.   Well done Everyone!

Anyone wishing to Book a Trip of a Lifetime with Todd please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275



Halibut is still the highlight of the season in the Douglas Channel.  It has been reposted by some to be the best in a few years.

Coho are moving toward or into their spawning streams and rivers.  The experienced boaters, especially the Charters are still limiting out on Coho.

The Kitimat Harbour Fishery this year has been off and on this year.  It was off this week although most boaters are going home with their possession limit.  It just took longer than it normally does. I am hope for another late run in the Harbour but I think it is best to report what is rather than what I would like it to be.

The fishing in the Douglas Channel should continue to be good weather pending.


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Prince Rupert 


Aug 25

Leo Palmer of Wild Catch Fishing Adventures kindly invited my daughters Julie, Michelle, Chris Peacock and I to come fish with him for Halibut out of Prince Rupert.  Leo’s 26’ Glacier Bay is a beautiful boat to fish off.  Leo is an awesome Skipper with a vast knowledge of the best Halibut holes in the Prince Rupert area.  Leo is also a very likable gentleman with a very witty sense of humour.

We kept 4 Halibut and released another 10.  We had a few release themselves!  I lost one that my daughter, Julie will never let me soon forget.  : )

Julie, Michelle, Chris and I had a amazing time fishing with Leo.  Thank You Leo for an helping me create some wonderful family fishing memories.

Anyone wishing to Book a Fishing Trip of a Lifetime with Leo please contact Ron


We have had some cancellations which has created openings for Aug 30,31 and Sept 1st.  We also have quite a few open dates in September.  Anyone wishing to check off Halibut from their bucket list, we have open dates to help you do this.


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I hope you enjoyed the Fishing Report!
Good Health! and Good Fishing!

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