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Drift Boat Charters

Experience a quiet serenity – enjoy the natural beauty of the Kitimat River
We offer Fly Fishing, Conventional Tackle and Hot Shotting.
Kitimat is our “home base” and all of our drift boat trips are done on the Kitimat River.
We consider guided drift boat trips on the Kitimat River as one of our specialties.
We have evolved several techniques to fish the Kitimat River and have lures manufactured exclusively for us. Over the years we have spent countless hours testing and perfecting these techniques for your enjoyment of our clients.

Rivers in the Northwest have their own personalities – except for the welcome excitement of “Fish On!” the tranquility of drifting at Mother Nature’s speed is a distinct change of pace from our client’s normal busy lives.

The Kitimat River has her own natural beauty with plenty of fish stocks 12 months of the year. We are fortunate of have the Kitimat River Hatchery enhancing our Chinook, Coho, Chum, Steelhead and Cutthroat populations on the Kitimat.

We offer drift boat trips for Steelhead, Chinook, Chum, Pinks,Coho and Cutthroat Trout although most times of the year anglers can catch different species during the same day.
From beginners to the advanced, we invite all level of anglers.

We use many different angling techniques while drifting the Kitimat. We offer Fly Fishing, Conventional Tackle and Hot Shotting.

  • Fly Fishing
    We offer Drift Boat Trips focused on Fly Fishing with either Single handed fly rod or Spey rods( two handed) or both. From grease lining to Nymphing techniques we will recommend the best Fly method for the species of your choice . Fly Fishing for Steelhead, Trophy Chinook and Coho is considered by many as the ultimate angler experience. Fly fishing for Chum is slowly gaining notoriety.
  • Tackle
    Float Fishing , bottom bouncing , spinners, lures, spin glos, jigs, the list is endless. Whatever the lures the fish are biting on we will use to catch them. What ever type of rods and reels you, the clients prefer our guide will be pleased to assist. From centre pin , levelwind or spinning reels we can help you use them all.
  • Hot Shotting
    Hot Shotting is a specialized method which is the most effective when fishing out of Drift boats rather than shore. They can be used for all species of salmon and Steelhead and at times this technique rises to a level of being “unfair to the fish”. Watching the rod violently reacting to fish aggressively taking a hot shot is an experience every angler should enjoy.

We offer a special challenge. We affectionately refer to it as the “Triple Crown”. The angler must land a fish using the hot shot method, convention tackle and on a fly all on the same day. The tougher the challenge the more gratifying the reward.

Drifting the Kitimat River is not only our specialties it is our passion. Simply stated “We Love the Kitimat River and would honoured to share the Sport Fishing experience on the Kitimat with you.

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