Fishing Report June 19 – 25 2016

Fishing Photo of the Week

Kitimat River, Douglas Channel and Prince Rupert

Tedd Warcimaga’s group from Alberta fishing with Larry Wesolowski of Nautical West Sport Fishing
(For more details please see Douglas Channel section)

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Kitimat River



June 14
Ron Fujino proudly holding his catch in this photo with his daughter, Kiomi and grandson, Hayden.  Three generations of Fujinos enjoying Chinook fishing on the Kitimat River.  The Chinook may not be the most memorable but the family time together certainly was.  Well done, Ron and Nice fish!  It warms my heart to be able to share your family moments in this fishing report.

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June 20
Roger Smith caught this chrome Kitimat River Chinook bar fishing at the Big Spruce.   Roger’s fishing partners were kidding Roger that it was his “Lucky Hair Cut”. : )  Roger was using a Luminous Slant #2 Spin n Glo. rigged on a Redl Sports Distributor’s Trophy XL 10 1/2’ HC Rod and a Shimano Calcutta reel.   This rod and reel combination is an excellent choice for Bar fishing the Kitimat River.  The proof is in the picture!


June 21
Len Irvin holding a 35lb Chinook he caught in the Upper Lower Dike pool with with his friend Ken.   They were fishing a Luhr Jensen Black Pirate 3/4 SE Mag Hot Shot out of Ken’s Driftboat.  Congratulations to Len and Ken!


June 21
Justin Lowes, Pro Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fished with our clients Romona, Mario and their father Juergen Goerlitz.  It has been Juergen’s dream to catch a big salmon in Canada.  It is with pride and a sense of satisfaction to report that Justin enabled Juergen to fulfill his dream.  The group hooked 2 Chinook before they landed Juergen’s 22 pounder.  What makes Juegen’s accomplishment even more special is that he was able to share the moment with Romona and Mario.  We were honoured play a role in creating a memorable experience for the Goeriitz family.  Congratulations to you all!  Well done Justin.
Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Justin please email Ron at  of call 250 632 1275.



June 21
Cory Larson 21lb-caught this bright Kitimat River Chinook using a Spin n Glo #0 double trouble,  Cory caught this chinook on the rising tide which seems to be  the norm this season with the Kitimat River water level so low.


June 22
I was text this picture but I did not receive a name.  She looked so proud of her catch and very stylish in her pink Caddis waders that I had to post her photo in my Fishing Report without her name.  Nice catch and you are Looking Good!


June 22
Glen McNeill from Granisle caught this bright Chinook on the lower, lower dike bar during the morning rising tide.  The fishing has been spotty but Glen persevered and was rewarded for his efforts.  Congratulations Glen.


June 24
Eileen proudly holding her catch in this photo taken by her husband. Her husband (sorry I forgot his name) is a wonderful husband but his photography skills needs works. Just kidding! The important highlight is that Eileen caught a very nice Chinook. Well done Eileen. Congratulations!

The Kitimat River is exceptionally low and clean.  With the Kitimat River water levels so low the most productive times to be fishing was on the rising tides.  As the water levels continued to drop, more Chinook were caught on the evening high tide rather than the morning tide especially in the lower Kitimat.  During the day, the more productive holes were the deep pools.  Black Jigs with black painted heads were the most productive.  Up river, anglers who got up early caught fish but there were a couple of days when even getting up early didn’t produce. Most of the Chinook that are being caught on the Kitimat River are early morning and during the evening especially since the tides were early and late this week.
Fishing is tough this year but there is a saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.


Douglas Channel



June 20
Tom Stange and his fishing partners fishing with Larry Wesolowski of Nautical West Sport Fishing caught 4 pacific cod and caught 2 halibut.  They kept one and  released a 115lb Halibut.  (155cm halibut, converts to 115lbs).  Congratulations on your catch.  Good Job Skipper!




June 22
Larry Wesolowski of Nautical West Sport Fishing with his clients, Rose Simpson, Loretta West Eraser and Betty Westerager boated 2 halibut and 14 pacific cod.  Wow!  Nicely done ladies.  Congratulations on you catch.  Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Larry please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.



June 23-25
Larry Wesolowski of Nautical West Sport Fishing hosted Tedd Warcimaga’s  group from Alberta: Total catch numbers- 18 Chinook 6-32lbs, 7 coho, limit of rockfish, 3 halibut and 1 ling cod. Wow! Congratulations everyone for a impressive catch! Awesome Job Larry!

Larry reports, “This week Nautical West Sport Fishing had some productive days on the water. Monday we took a day trip to mid channel on the Douglas and caught 1 halibut and 4 pacific cod. We also released a 154cm halibut that was too big to put in the boat. On Wednesday we took out 3 ladies from Kamloops and caught 2 halibut and 14 pacific cod. On Thursday we took out 6 people from Alberta on a 3 day charter to our Hartley bay bed and breakfast facilities and caught 17 Chinook 6-32lbs, 7 coho, 3 halibut, 1 ling cod and everyone got there limit of rockfish. Thanks to Josh Wesolowsky for helping out with the guiding this week, everyone had a great trip.”  You certainly had an impressive week!Congratulations to everyone!

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime with Larry please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.
Todd Haynes of Nautical West Sport Fishing is pleased to announce their Fort McMurray Red Cross Relief Fund Promotion.
Nautical West Sportfishing has made the peak fishing dates of July 25,26,27 and 28th available for a multiple day Fishing Trip to be used in their promotion.
Nautical West Sportfishing will generously donate a portion of their profits from these trips to the Fort McMurray Red Cross Relief Fund.
Any anglers wishing to book any of these dates please contact Ron at or 250 632 1275.
You gotta Love this country where people willing to help people create a fishing trip of a lifetime and help some people who are in need at the same time.  Well done Todd & Nesia Haynes and honourable mention to Larry Wesolowsky and Chris Thompson and the entire Nautical West Sporting team!

Andreas Handl of Kingfish Adventures offers the proceeds of a one day Jetboat trip on the Tidal portion Kitimat River  to the Fort McMurray Red Cross Relief Fund. The available dates for this promotion are  18th,19th,20th,23rd,    Anyone interested in taking advantage of this promotion, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.

Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a Lifetime for a Driftboat Trip down the Kitimat River or Jet boat Trip to the lower Kitimat or a Saltwater Charter please contact Ron    call 250 632 1275.

Prince Rupert


Dave Payjack, owner of Seawest Adventures sent me this picture of his wife, Jodie and his friend Jerry Meek.  Nicely done everyone!  Congratulations.
Any one wishing to book a trip with Dave, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.

Reliable Guide and Charters is now booking Fishing trips for the Skeena River and Prince Rupert.  We can book you a Trip of a Lifetime on the Kitimat River, Douglas Channel, Skeena River or Prince Rupert.

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