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June 18 - 23, 2012

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2012_june-24-todd-sacha-dale-80-lb-halibut-troolling-dail-she-douglas-channel-halibut-dale-first-chinook (2)500x373.jpg
Sacha and his girl friend Dail holding an 80lb Halibut they caught trolling on a charter with Todd Haynes of Nautical West.

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Kitimat River

The Kitimat River started this week very high and dirty but slowly dropped and leveled during mid week..  As the Kitimat dropped and cleaned there were a few Chinook caught during the week but by Friday and Saturday we received some rain and the river level began to rise.
June 19 Josh Kozloski landed this 30 lb Chinook bar fishing at the Kitimat Pump House.  This was Josh first Chinook.  Congratulations Josh.
June 20 While drifting the lower Kitimat I watched this 42 lb Chinook battled and landed with a Spey rod.  The battle lasted over 40 minutes and they
chased it down in a double pontoon boat.  I apologize to the readers and this lucky angler but in all the excitement I didn't get his name.

Congratulations to the lucky angler!  Well done!


Although there were few Chinook caught mid week when the water clarity was fishable, Chinook fishing on the Kitimat was tough and at best spotty.  There were many anglers fishing from shore and out of Drift boats with only a Lucky few able to experience the thrill and excitement of landing a big Chinook. 
In the opinion of many long time Kitimat anglers, the Chinook run on the Kitimat River appears to be late. Some are of the opinion that the Chinook migrated through the lower Kitimat while the river was high.  Others blame the low catch rates on the poor fishing conditions.  As always there are plenty of theories.  i suspect it is a combination of all the above.  The bottom line is that there were only a few Chinook caught on the Kitimat this week.  As painful as it is for me to report this, it is even difficult for the anglers on the river to experience it.  Many anglers put in a lot of time,effort and strategy to catch the King of Salmon.  These poor conditions requires more time, effort and attention to detail.  Check your knots, set the hook and for your own sanity, please make sure your leaders and main line are healthy.  The higher water also creates faster currents to content with while battling these brutes to shore or to the net. 
Check the tides while fishing the mid and lower Kitimat.  When the conditions improve, get out while the getting is good because the conditions have been changing quickly during the early part of this year's Chinook run.
At the time of writing this Fishing Report (Sunday), the Kitimat River is very high and very dirty.  According to the Kitimat River height website and confirmed by my visit to the river, the Kitimat is dropping even though it is still raining.  The forecast is "Cloudily with showers". 
There is saying that, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going".  With the amount of snow pack that is still left on the mountains it looks like we will be dealing with high water for a while for a while. The Kitimat River usually drops and cleans quickly but I suspect she will remain higher than normal.  "The more difficult the challenge, the more gratifying the reward".
There are links to Kitimat Tide Charts, Kitimat River height website, Kitimat weather reports and this Fishing Report on our website
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Douglas Channel

Fish and Chips will be on menu for many Saltwater Boaters! Halibut was the glowing highlight of the fishing in the Kitimat/Douglas Channel area this week. There were many reports of boats limiting our on Halibut especially our Saltwater Charter boats.

2012_june-17-sam-avila-valerie-harold-johnsen-katherine-david-galbraith-4-halibut-2gray-cod-crab (6).jpg

2012_june-17-sam-avila-valerie-harold-johnsen-katherine-david-galbraith-4-halibut-2gray-cod-crab (14)333x250.jpg

2012_june-17-sam-avila-valerie-harold-johnsen-katherine-david-galbraith-4-halibut-2gray-cod-crab (10)188x250.jpg

June17 Sam Avila chartered Valerie and Harold Johnsen and Katherine David Galbraith on the Douglas Channel.  They boated 4-halibut, 2 Gray Cod and a bunch of Dungeness Crab.  Congratulations to everyone.  Well done Skipper. Any one wishing to book a Charter with Sam please contact Ron


2012_june-19-rico-gibaldi-50-lb--halibut-kitikiata-sue-channel-king-crab- (3)188x250.jpg

June 19 Rico Gibaldi sent in this picture of a 50 lb Halibut he caught in Kit ki ata and a King Crab he caught in Sue Channel.  Congratulations Rico.  These should provide some delicious meals for the family.  Thank You for sharing your photos.

2012_june-19-todd-4-douglas-channel-halibut-1-chinook335 x249.jpg

June 19 Todd Haynes of Nautical West chartered these clients from Russia.  These clients were part of group of 19 clients hosted by Kingfisher Adventures.

There will be some Canadian Fish and Chips consumed in Russia shortly after their return.  Ostrovia!


June 20 Todd Haynes chartered our clients Allan Budnick and his fishing partners.  They boated their limit of Halibut and their limit of Dungeness Crab.

Congratulations Guys!  Well done Skipper.

2012_june-23-wes-client-mike-douglas-channel-chinook (7)333x222.jpg

June 23 Wes Owens of Golden Adventures chartered Mike on a 1/2 day charter and landed this bright Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour. Well done Mike!

Anyone wishing to book a Salmon Charter in the Kitimat Harbour with Wes please contact Ron

2012_june-24-todd-sacha-dale-80-lb-halibut-troolling-dail-she-douglas-channel-halibut-dale-first-chinook (3)333x149.jpg

2012_june-24-todd-sacha-dale-80-lb-halibut-troolling-dail-she-douglas-channel-halibut-dale-first-chinook (4)333x249.jpg

June 23 Todd Naynes of Nautical West chartered Sacha and his girlfriend Dail.  They boated 3 Halibut including an 80lber caught while trolling.  Wow!
They actually caught 2 of the Halibut trolling.  Well done!  Boating an 80lb Halibut on a trolling rod and reel is no easy task.  Dail also caught her first Chinook.
Congratulations.  This trip created some wonderful memories.  Anyone wishing to book a Trip of a lIfetime please contact Ron


Halibut is exceptionally good right now and with the controversy surrounding Halibut quotas, the fish gods are providing an excellent opportunity for us to catch halibut.  Halibut fishing is usually not this good this early in the season.  We are not sure why the Halibut is early but who cares why as long as the bite is on.  We should all get out and catch a few. 
Chinook fishing was spotty in the Kitimat Harbour this week and boaters had better results for Chinook further down the Douglas Channel. The Killer Whales have been spotted in the Douglas Channel.  This may explain why the bite is off for Chinook.
Halibut is hot right now and the is the best June for Halibut I have seen for a while.  Accordingly Halibut was the proffered species of choice this coming week.  Bon Apetit!
Thank You to everyone who submitted info and photos for this Fishing Report.
Anyone wishing to book a Douglas Channel Saltwater trip, a Jet boat trip or a Kitimat River Driftboat trip, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.
Good Health and Good Fishing!

Ron Wakita
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