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June 10 - 17, 2012

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2012_june-17-todd-wes-lucy-craven-2-chinook-45lb-hali-18lb-hali-dozen-crab-bunch-of-grey-cod 374 x 500.jpg
Ken Craven holding a 45lb Halibut he caught on a trip with his wife, Lucy and Todd Haynes of Nautical West June 17th 2012.

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

We enjoyed excellent river conditions early this week and there were some very nice Chinook caught.   We received some rain on Thursday and Friday that caused the river to rise and by the weekend the Kitimat River was high and dirty.

June 10th Mike Herzberg fishing with his friend, Rachael landed this beauty during their drift on the lower Kitimat River.  Congratulation Rachael!

2012_june-15-mike-alvaro-manny-arruda (2)300x225.jpeg

June 14th  Manny Arruda holding a Chinook he caught fishing with Mike Herzberg.  Congratulation Manny!  Well done Mike!


June15th Mike Herzberg fishing with his fishing partner, Alvaro.  Congratulations Alvaro.  Well done Mike!  The streak continues..
Many long time Kitimat anglers suspected we would experience some high river levels this season given the amount of snow we received this past winter. The large snow pack combined with either some substantial rain or hot sun could cause the Kitimat River to rise.  True to form, this weekend the river was high and dirty. I suspect the Kitimat River will continue to be high early this week.
The saving grace is that the Kitimat River cleans exceptionally fast and is usually fishable within a few days after the rain stops and it is not raining now..
Stay tuned.
Anglers please be advised that the Environment Canada River height website is

Douglas Channel

2012_june-14-wes-ron-hunter-hooked-4-landed-3-douglas-channel-chinook (3)300x200.jpg

June 14th Ron Hunter fishing with Wes Owens of Golden Adventures hooked 4 Chinook and landed 3.  Wow! A pretty good day of Chinook fishing.
Congratulations Ron!  Well done Wes!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Wes please contact Ron

2012_june-15-gizelle-and-ken-haque-hooked-5-landed-3 (5)300x233.jpg

2012_june-15-gizelle-and-ken-haque-hooked-5-landed-3 (16)300x232.jpg

June 15th Gisele and Ken Haque hooked 4 Chinook and landed 3 fishing with Wes Owens.  They also caught a mess of Dungeness Crab. . 

Congratulations Gisele and Ken and Bon Appetite!  They were using a Luhr Jensen  Abe and Al  #1 Flasher and a Rhys Davis Blue/Green Anchovy teaser and anchovy. Luhr Jensen no longer makes the Abe and Al Flashers but the Gibbs #1 Skipper Flashers that also very effective.

2012_june-17-todd-wes-lucy-craven-2-chinook-45lb-hali-18lb-hali-dozen-crab-bunch-of-grey-cod (2)300x225.jpg

2012_june-17-todd-wes-lucy-craven-2-chinook-45lb-hali-18lb-hali-dozen-crab-bunch-of-grey-cod 168x225.jpg

June 17th Ken and Lucy Craven fishing with Todd Haynes of Nautical West landed a 45 lb and an18 lb Halibut.  They also landed 2 Chinook, one of which Todd is holding up.  They also caught a bunch of grey cod and a dozen Dungeness Crab.  Congratulations Lucy and Ken!  Well done Todd!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd please contact Ron
The Douglas Channel is starting to produce excellent catches of Halibut.  She is also producing very good numbers of Chinook from the open waters of the Douglas to the Kitimat Harbour.  The Kitimat Harbour Chinook fishery started to produce Chinook most of the week but dropped off this weekend.  There Killer Whales were spotted off Peter's Falls in the Kitimat Harbour on Saturday.  Usually when the Killer Whales are in the Kitimat Harbour, the bite for Chinook turns off for a couple of days. This weekend was no exception.  This is a typical occurrence.   Smart money says when the Chinook bite turns on again, get on it because the Killer Whales will be back again as soon the Chinook group up.
Thank You to everyone who submitted info and photos for this Fishing Report.
Anyone wishing to book a Douglas Channel Saltwater trip, a Jet boat trip or a Kitimat River Driftboat trip, please contact Ron or call 250 632 1275.
Good Health and Good Fishing!

Ron Wakita
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June 2012 Flyer

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