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July 22- July 28, 2012

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Ron Wakita is holding a 28lb.Chum caught and released by Jack Moran (9 years old) on the Kitimat River.
Chum Salmon is an excellent fishery for younger anglers.  The proof is in the picture.  You gotta love this smile.

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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Kitimat River

Chum, Chum and more Chum.  It has been like the "days of old" on the Kitimat River. Chum continue to pour into the Kitimat River.  There were a few larger Chinook caught this week. The 3 year old Chinook return continues to be very strong this year which is a good sign for the 4 year old Chinook return next year.  There were more Pinks returning to the Kitimat this week.
The Pink run to date does not appear to be as strong as it was last year but there is plenty of time for the run to improve.. 
The river conditions have been excellent and the weather has been outstanding this week


July 22 I had the pleasure of fishing with Helga and Bob Knechtel and their friend, Norm Mcdonald.  We caught a small Chinook and a bunch of Chum and Pinks.  The weather was excellent and the fish were biting through the day.  Thank You to Bob, Helga and Norm for using our Guide services.
Congratulations on your catch!


2012_july-22-ron-jack-lori=cody-chinook-8-chum-pink- 2012_july-22-ron-jack-lori=cody-chinook-8-chum-pink

July 23 I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr.Laurie Moran from New Zealand and his grandson, Jack Moran (9 years old) from Kitimat and their friend Kobi from Germany. We landed
a small Chinook, a couple Pinks and a bunch of Chum. We lost so many Chum that I lost track. Young Jack lost 6 Chum in a row before he finally landed one.
My advise to Jack was to stick with it and "he who waits, gets the big one". And did he ever get the big one! As shown in the photo of the week, Jack was a very happy boy!
It was truly a delight to fish with this group especially Jack. It was refreshing to fish with such a well mannered and respectful young man.
Congratulations to everyone on your catch. Well done Jack!
2012_july-23-justin-denny -bart-ulrich-kitimat-river-2-chinook-8-chum-coho-3-pinks2012_july-23-justin-denny -bart-ulrich-kitimat-river-2-chinook-8-chum-coho-3-pinks

2012_july-23-justin-denny -bart-ulrich-kitimat-river-2-chinook-8-chum-coho-3-pinks2012_july-23-justin-denny -bart-ulrich-kitimat-river-2-chinook-8-chum-coho-3-pinks

July 23 Justin Lowes, an associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters guided Denny and Bart Ulrich on a drift of the lower section of the Kitimat River.
They landed 2 Chinook, 8 Chum, a Coho and 3 Pinks. They were coined their accomplishment as the "GRAND SLAM" of Salmon on the Kitimat River since they landed 4 species of Salmon.
Congratulations Bart and Denny. Well done Justin. Anyone wishing to book a trip with Justin please contact Ron


July 24 Justin Lowes guided Brian, Mike and Curtis on a drift down the Kitimat River. They hooked 10 Chum landing 6. They were Hot Shotting for Chinook but there are so many Chum it was not difficult not to hook a Chinook even if they were where they were supposed to be..  All in all, it was an excellent day on the Kitimat River.  Congratulations to Brian,Mike and Curtis.  Well done Justin.


July 25 Our Mobile Tackle Van captured this photo of Hayden Fisk holding a 17lb Chum he caught at the Kitimat River Pump House.  This Chum was hooked bottom bouncing a flame/chartreuse #4 spin n glo with a pink Delta hootchie.  Well done Hayden.



July 27 Jesse Houston is holding a 40 lb Chinook and Kyle Struck is holding a  28 lb Chinook that they caught in the upper Kitimat River. Thank You for sharing the photos and Congratulations on 2 very nice Chinook!
Anglers are reminded that retention of Chinook ends July 31st on the Kitimat River. There will be more Chum migrating into the Kitimat along with for some more fresh Pinks.  There have been 12 Coho already caught in the Kitimat River and judging by the catch numbers in the Douglas Channel, we can expect an exception run of Coho. .
There are 4 species of Salmon swimming in the Kitimat River available for Sport Anglers to catch.  If you enjoy catching fish, now is a very good time.
Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips. Morning or evening trips.  Anyone interested anglers please contact Ron 250 632 1275.or

Douglas Channel


July 21,22 Sam Avila of Ocean Breeze Charters hosted his clients Rob, Melanie , Olivia and Evan on a 2 day charter.  They landed 8 halibut including 2 that were 60lbers.  They also caught 12 Coho.
The fishing was outstanding and the weather was excellent.  Wow!  Congratulations to everyone for an awesome catch.  Well done Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Sam, please contact


July 22 Andreas Handl of Kingfish Westcoast Adventures guided Chris Coward, Brad Hare and Bill Hall.  They boated 4 Halibut and 15 Salmon.  Wow!

This is an excellent time to be fishing the Douglas Channel.  Especially with Andreas' expertise and knowledge of the Hot Spots.  Congratulations to everyone for a very impressive catch.  Well done Andreas!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas, please contact Ron.


July 22-23 Todd Haynes of Nautical West hosted Gerald Sam, Gary, Tim and Clarke.  Gerald boated this 85lb Halibut and the others boated 5 more Halibut.  This group also put 20 Salmon in the coolers.  Wow!  Good friends!  Good Fishing!  Excellent weather!   A Great  Skipper!   Congratulations everyone!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron


July 23 Chasy, Fitz and Warren from Slave Lake chartered Andreas Handl of Kingfish Westcoast Adventures.  They boated 2-halibut with a Gibbs Spreader Bar.  They also caught 13 Salmon and 12 Crab. Congratulations to Chasy, Fitz and Warren.  Well done Andreas!


July 25 Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventures fishing with his clients Paul, Paul, Lisa, Daryl-and Karen boated 5 Halibut, the largest was 65lbs. This group also landed 16-salmon.
Awesome catch!  Congratulations everyone!  Great Job Todd!

2012_july-25-larry-bryan-beetle-mike-schoettler-curtis-mills-limit-ofg-halibut-20-to-25-fish-trap-7 2012_july-25-larry-bryan-beetle-mike-schoettler-curtis-mills-limit-ofg-halibut-20-to-25-fish-trap-7-cono-mo

July 25 Larry Wesolowski of NauticalWest Charters hosted our clients Bryan Beetle, Mike Schoettler and Curtis Mills on a 3 Day charter to Hartley bay and Bishopp Bay Hot Springs, July 25-27 . Larry reports, "The trip was fantastic... 21 salmon, 4 halibut and 18 crab . Everyone had a great trip."  Congratulations everyone.  Excellent Job Larry! 


July 26 John of Blue Heron Charters fishing with our clients, Kelly and Louise boated one Halibut and a bunch of grey cod. Congratulations to Kelly and Louise on the catch and Thank You for using our services..
Well done John! 

July 27 Andreas Handl reports, "Travis and his group landed 3 Halibut, 1 Gray cod, 21 Salmon and there limit on Dungeness Crab. The boys from Alberta never caught a Halibut before but now they can tell some fishing stories about how good the fishing in Kitimat is"
Congratulations on your first Halibut!  Well done Andreas!


July 27 John from Blue Heron Charters guided our clients Scott Canano and his fishing partner down the Douglas Channel for Halibut. 
They each caught one Halibut each which was the intended result.  They could have been bigger but sometimes while fishing, it is best
to be grateful for what is rather than what we wish it to be.  Scott always wanted to catch a Halibut.  Smart money says now he will want to catch a big one!  The big one awaits.  Congratulations Scott.  Well done John!


July 27-28 Dean Melo fishing with Michelle Hay, Samara Green and Aiden Green brought home 8-halibut and 4 Coho from their 2 day trip down the Douglas Channel.
I am sure that this is a fishing trip that the kids will remember for a life time.  Congratulations everyone, especially the kids.  Well done Dean!


July 28 Andreas Handl reports, "Paulina,Larry, Tamara and Brian from Alberta went on a halibut charter with Kingfish Westcoast Adventures. We hooked into 7 halibut and landed 4.  They landed 5 gray cod, 1 coho and the limit on Dungeness crab".
Congratulations everyone!  Well done Andreas!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas, please contact Ron 


It has been a lot of fun and an honor to report the results of the catches in the Douglas Channel this week especially by our Charter Boats.  I am as proud of our Skippers as our clients are of their catch.  The proof is in the pictures. 
The Douglas Channel has provided many anglers with a  "Trips of a Life Time".
We are indeed fortunate to live where we do and it is a pleasure to share our part of the world with our clients, guests, friends and relatives.
This year's Halibut season has been outstanding.  Many of our clients have landed their first Halibut ever.  There have been a lot of "High Fives" so far this season and we are expecting a lot more before this season's is done.
We are hoping that August in the Douglas Channel will be as productive as July has been.  Stay Tuned!

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info to this Fishing report.
Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special for 2 and 3 day trips on the Douglas Channel. Please contact Ron for details.

Anyone wishing to book a Driftboat trip on the Kitimat River or a Saltwater Trip on the Douglas Channel or a Jet boat trips please contact Ron

Reliable Guide and Charters is offering a Special on half day Drift boat trips.  Morning or Evening Trips.  Pease contact Ron 250 632 1275.or
Good Health! and Good Fishing!

Ron Wakita
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