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Sept 3 to Sept.12 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Tony and Maria Costa holding a Big Kitimat River Coho they landed drifting with Mike Herzberg in his ClackaCraft Driftboat. (for more details see report below)

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Coho Season on the Kitimat River is in full swing with lots of Coho caught last weekend during the Chamber of Commerce Derby and more Coho moving into the Kitimat during the big tides this week.
The middle and upper Kitimat River runs are holding really good numbers of Coho holding.  The challenge early in the week was to hook them with the low water conditions.  Many anglers are having the best success by going early in the morning just as it shades to daylight.
Sept 5 Mike Herzberg fishing with his very good friends and long time fishing partners, Anter and Pete hooked over 25 Coho on their Drift of the Kitimat River.  Wow!  Well done guys!  They only kept 4 Coho but Mike reports hooking Coho in every hole except the Haisla Bridge pool.  Congratulations Guys!
Sept 5 I had the wonderful experience of drifting with my son Corey and my daughter Michelle on Derby Sunday.  My good friend Ron Jones drifted in my other driftboat with my other son, Brandon.  We had a great day of fishing and had lot of fun.  We hooked 10 Coho but only landed 4.  As I explained to my kids, "On other days we could have just as easily landed 10 for 10 but we should enjoy the results as they happen and have fun with them".  I know I will always cherish these moments whether we land the fish or not!
Sept 6 Mike Holland and Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters drifted with his long time friends, Daren and George Loren.  Mike reports keeping their limit of 6 Coho but hooked and released a bunch more.  Well done Guys.  Congratulations!
Sept 6 Jesse Houston did a short drift with his cousin, Dustin Edwardsen and their friends.  They landed this beauty and lost another.  Well done Dustin.  Congratulations!
Sept 7 I had the pleasure of fishing with my very good friends Mike Herzberg and Noel Gyger.  Mike invited Noel and I on a drift in his Clackacraft driftboat which looks as immaculate as the day he bought it.  We hooked 7 Coho and landed 3 using Luhr Jensen Hot Shots.  We had an awesome time ribbing each other about the fish lost but Noel would boost our spirits with his special toast. We would then critique,correct or adjust for the next fish. Mike and I were born and raised fishing the Kitimat River and Noel is a legend in the Fishing Industry.  We have all learned that Fishing is as much about enjoying the experience of with good friends as it is about catching the fish.  Thank You to Mike and Noel for a wonderful drift on the Kitimat River!  It is always special for me to share our mutual passion for fishing with you both.
Sept 8 Mike Herzberg drifted with his friend Tony and his former baby sitter, Maria.  Tony and Maria landed 4 Coho on their drift with Mike.  It's ironic that Maria helped nurture Mike into adolescence and Mike was able to help nurture Maria into becoming an angler.   Congratulations to Maria and Tony!  Well done Mike.
Sept 8 I had the pleasure of fishing with my very good friends Noel Gyger and Syd and Elaine Pallister.  Syd is one of the owners of Gibbs/Delta Tackle.  We hooked 4 Coho during our morning drift but Elaine managed to land the only one.  Hurray for Elaine!  We had a great day on the Kitimat River.  We hooked our Coho on Luhr Jensen Hot Shots although we tried to entice Coho with Gibbs Koho and Crocs lures.  We watched a local angler, Randy Dean land 2 Coho with Koho lures.  Randy had an interesting comment that the Gibbs lures worked the best at day break. It is always nice when Lure Manufacturers visit our fishery and hear the comments directly from anglers who use their products.
The weather turned out to be outstanding and we had a great morning of fishing on the Kitimat River.  Thank You to Syd, Elaine and Noel  for your wonderful company.
Sept 8 Jim and Manny Arruda drifted by us with their catch which they proudly held up for a photo.  Jim and Manny commented that worked extra hard to land these Coho because family pride would not allow them to be outfished by their sister, Maria who was fishing with Mike Herzberg ahead of them and had already landed their 4 Coho.  Congratulations to the Arruda family!
Sept 8 Ariel Kuppers drifted with our clients James Elgerd and his son Hayden and their friend Duncan Elgerd.  They landed 3 Coho Float Fishing Roe with Gibbs Floats.  Hayden landed the first Coho of the day using a Pink Jigs made by Jim's Jigs.  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for using our services.  Well done Ariel!
Sept 9 Mike Herzberg drfifted with our clients Rudi and Uli.  Rudi and Uli hooked and landed 3 Coho on their drift.  3 for 3!  Well done guys.  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for using our Guiding Services
Sept 11 Mike Herzberg drifted with his friend Leah and her father John.  They landed a 13lb Coho on their drift with Mike and lost another one.  Mike , Leah and John were Hot Shotting iwth Luhr Jensen Hot Shots.  Congratulations to Leah and John!  Well done Mike!
Sept 12 Mike Herzberg drifted with his friends Alex and Pete.  They landed 2 Coho out of the 6 they hooked.  They hooked their Coho on Hot Shots and on Jigs.  Congratulations Alex and Pete!  Well done Mike!
Coho fishing on the Kitimat River was good this week and will continue through out September into October and will be even better fishing if we receive a little rain.  The problem is that we have to be careful what we wish for.  We may receive too much rain there Kitimat can get high and dirty.  The forecast is for light rain which is exactly what is needed to create ideal Coho fishing conditions.  Our Mobile Tackle Van reports that the Lower, lower dike has been very good on the high tides.
Congratulations to all the winners in the Chamber of Commerce Derby.  I think everyone that participated were winners because there was a definite buzz in the air during the Awards Ceremonies.  A huge Thank You to all the volunteers who may this event a success especially Trish Parsens, Rosemary and the Chamber of Commerce staff.
Sept 7 Ron Jones fishing with Ferd Bouzane, Jason Ringham and Graham Brady boated 7 Coho at Fish Trap.
Ron said he had a great time harassing Jason and that catching the Coho was a bonus.  Well done guys and Congratulations on your catch.
Sept 8 Ron Jones fishing with Jason Ringham boated 5 Coho in less than one hour.  The bite started at 5:00 and ended shortly after 6:00 PM.  Sorry no photos.
Sept 9 Wes Owen fishing with his clients Tim and Carl boated 5 Coho of the 9 they hooked.  Wes was using a Luhr Jensen Abe and Al Flasher #1 Prism with a Rhys Davis Anchovy teaser.  Congratulations to Tim and Carl.  Well done Skipper!
Sept 9 Mal the "Signman" reports fishing with his friend, Barb and her husband Tom on a fishing trip down the Douglas Channel.  They landed 8 Halibut, keeping their legal limit of 6 and 20 Coho.  Worthy to note, one Halibut weighed 120lbs and another two weighed 100 and a 50lbs. 
Mal also commented that they had an excellent trip on the Douglas Channel and Bob and Mal were spoiled by Barb's excellent cooking.
Mal paid me to say that, "They caught all the Coho because he has mastered the art of Coho fishing."  He also added to the pile of self indulgence by saying that, "he is a superb Halibut Fisher and that under his excellent tutelage Barb and Tom were able to land their Halibut."  Although Mal is not very bashful about his fishing ability, the proof is in the pictures and the catch is very impressive.  Congratulations to Barb and Tom.  Well done Mal!
Sept 12 Wes Owens called me at 10:00 AM saying that he was on his way in from fishing and he had his limit of 4 Coho in the cooler fishing by himself.  Wes has some clients coming this week and wanted to stay dialed to where the Coho were holding in the Kitimat Harbour so he decided to go out this morning.  Wes hooked 7 Coho to land the 4 Coho that he kept.  Well done Wes!
The Douglas Channel is yielding good but not exceptional catches of Coho.  The Kitimat Harbor fishery this season has been at best erratic this week.  Boaters who were in the right place at the right time had pretty good results where as others were not as fortunate. There seems to be a run of Coho holding this weekend. Such is life in the fishing world. Halibut fishing should continue to be good but boaters will have to monitor the weather.
We still have plenty of open dates for Drift boat trips, Saltwater Charters and Jet boat trips.  Anyone interested in booking a trip with us please contact Ron Wakita
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
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