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Oct.31 - Nov.7 2010

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Fishing Photo of the week

Ron Wakita and Noel Gyger holding 3 Winter Chinook caught in the Kitimat Harbor Nov. 5th

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
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 The Kitimat River was low and clean early in this week but in the middle of the week the River rose dramatically and was high and dirty. The Kitimat River is dropping now but it is unpredictable from day to day what the river conditions will be.

Cutthroat Trout fishing has been excellent when the river was low and clean.  There were many reports of anglers catching lots of Cutthroat Trout when the river was low.  Amongst these reports were reports of some very large Cutthroat Trout.  One angler reported 2 Trout in the 4 to 5lb. range, other anglers reported many Trout that were 24 inches long. The Trout anglers on the Kitimat River were very happy campers when the river was fishable but understandably disappointed with the high and dirty water.


Oct 30 Ariel Kuppers and Chris Matos landed this beauties in Hirsch Creek.  Nice Trout Guys!



Nov 1 Tom Orr reports "These pictures were taken on the 1st of November on the upper Kitimat.  Shane and I float fished a combo of real worms from Home Hardware (Bubba's Bait Dew Worms) and pink 3" Berkley power worms.The power worms worked really well and are a great way to fish now that the weather has gotten colder.  No more frozen fingers replacing live bait".  Nice Trout Guys.  Thank You for the photos!

Trout fishing on the Kitimat River will continue to be good through out the Winter months but will be weather dependant.  When the weather is good so we will be the fishing.  Float fishing with Gibbs Floats and either 3" Berkley Power Bait Worms and/or Bubba's Bait Barn Worms are the most effective lures.  Fly fishing for Kitimat River Trout is also very productive and enjoyable.  Smart money says, that when the weather is good and the river conditions are good get out a fish!


Nov 2 Lorie Johnson from MK Bay Marina reports "The Humpbacks are back in this morning along with lots of seals so they are feeding on something."  The last time the Humpbacks were in the Winter Chinook fishing was awesome!  Stay Tuned!  A "Big Thank You" to Lorie for sharing these photos.



Nov 5 Wes Owens invited Noel Gyger and I for a morning trip in the Kitimat Harbor to fish for Winter Chinook and do some crabbing.  The forecast was calling for "Cloudy with Showers".  We were pleasantly surprised with calm seas, sunshine, good fishing and even better Crabbing.  With honorable mention to Gail's Cookies.  We hooked 6 Winter Chinook boating 3 beauties.  The largest Chinook was 25lbs or better.  The Stars of our fishing trip was the "E Clip" which is marketed by Pro TrollPro Troll's Hot Chip 11" Green Flasher and Hot Spot's Blue Green Flasher.  4 of the 6 Chinook were caught with these lures.  Pro Troll products are not new on the market but this was the first fishing trip that I have fished with them.  I spend some time with Russell Gahagan, Pro Troll's Regional Sales Manager at the Redl Show who impressed me enough to fish these Pro Troll's products.  I am sure glad we did because they sure worked great this morning and the proof is in the pictures!  The other 2 Chinook were hooked with Wes's favorite Winter Chinook set-up which includes a Luhr Jensen Abe and Al #1 Prism Flasher with a Rhys Davis Blue/Green Anchovy Teaser and a Rhys Davis Anchovy.  Noel, Wes and I had a great time catching Chinook as well as harassing each other and eating Gail's cookies while watching the rods.

The "piece de resistance" of our trip was the Crabbing.  The Star of the Crabbing portion of our trip was as always "Brutus" Ace Line Hauler's Crab and Prawn Puller.  Vartan you are a genius!  We were also using Crab traps distributed by Redl Sports that have an upgraded hinge design on the doors which are excellent.  We were using Lead rope from Danielson which reduces the potential for getting the Crab Trap ropes into the prop.  The "Right Tools for the Job" sure making Crabbing a lot more enjoyable. We kept our limit of 18 Dungeness Crab and put another 12 more back.  Wow! 

Good Weather! Good Fishing! Good Crabbing! Good Friends!  Life is Good!


Nov 5 Victor Lick was also fishing in the Kitimat Harbour for Winter Chinook in his Sail boat.  We watched Victor boat 3 Chinook all by himself.  Victor kept his Daily Limit of 2 Chinook and released a third.  It requires a lot of patience and skill to be able to hook, fight and then net these Chinook with one person onboard.  It was amazing to watch Victor in action and take photos of his catch!  Well done Victor!  Victor was fishing with a Gibbs High Liner Flasher and his favorite Hoochies.  If you are ever looking for a partner to fish with give me a call. 250 632 1275. :)  I would be more than happy to help out.


After Victor had caught his limit of Winter Chinook he sailed down the Douglas Channel to do some crabbing.  He also got an opportunity to do take some photos of some Humpback Whales.  Nice photos!  Thank You Victor.


Winter Chinook fishing in the Kitimat Harbor is starting to get really good.  This fishery is very unpredictable at the best of times because the Winter Chinook are primarily feeding Chinook stocks that are following  Bait Fiictosh.  If the Bait Fish continue school up in the Kitimat Harbor as they did this week so will the Winter Chinook. (as we refer to them)  Where ever the Bait Fish go, the Winter Chinook go.  In previous years when the Bait Fish lingered in the Kitimat Harbor all winter so did the Winter Chinook.  Here's hoping that this is one of those years.

The Humpback Whales also follow the Bait Fish.  We have been experiencing more sitings of Humpback Whales in the Kitimat Harbor than normal and the Winter Chinook fishing has been very good.  This phenomenon was also kindly clarified in an email I received from Karen Hansen who is a DFO Fisheries Technician who reads this Fishing Report.  Thank You Karen.

The bottom line is that if the Bait Fish hang out in the Kitimat Harbor, so will the Humpback Whales, so will the Winter Chinook and so will I!  Stay Tuned.

Thank You to everyone for providing info and photos for this Fishing Report!

Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  cell.250 632-1275
fax. 250 632-3528


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