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May 2nd to May 9th, 2010

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK:  Marc Obrien and Darrel Hauque with an 134.2lb Halibut caught in the Douglas Channel May 2 2010

 And the Winner is... 

The draw for a one day driftboat fishing trip for 2 people was held at the Home Hardware and Tackle Shop in Kitimat on April 30th.  The draw was made by Tony Brady (left).  Tony is the president of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce.  Holding the hat full of over 700 entries is Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters who is the sponsor of this FREE trip.  The winner is Max Muff of Terrace BC.  Congratulations Max.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC

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Early this week with a bit of higher water, Steelhead catch rates improved but by mid week the Kitimat River dropped to its very low levels as it has been all season.  This year's Steelhead season on the Kitimat River has been very challenging with the very low river levels.  Most Steelheaders are still catching fish but not in the numbers they normally do.  An interesting note is that on some days, fly anglers hooked more Steelhead than the tackle anglers.  With the very low water flyfishing was less evasive and more productive.
May 3 Giorgio from Italy reported landing 4 Steelhead above the Power Lines across from the Little Wedeene.
May 3 Martin Forbes reports landing 8 Steelhead on his last outing with his in-laws.  Well done Martin and In-laws.
May 8 I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Ken Craven and his son David. We hooked 4 Steelhead and managed to land 2 of them.  Both Steelhead were released healthy back into the Kitimat River with the use of Gibbs catch and release net. The day started out with a bit of a chill but evolved into an awesome day with 18 degree weather.  It was a great day on the Kitimat with some very nice folks.  It is always a pleasure to witness a father and son enjoying the passion of fishing.  Well done guys and Thank You for allowing me to share a bit of the Kitimat fishing experience with you. 
May 9th I had the pleasure of drifting with Charmayne Carlson on Mother's Day.  Charmayne had never caught a Steelhead and we were on a mission to land one on our drift. 
We hooked a Steelhead with a float while we were drifting. (I call this boon dogging).   I rowed into shore only to discover that the Steelhead had wrapped a clump of roots of the other side just above a bunch of logs.  I walked the boat back up stream and we rowed across to where the line was wrapped and attempted it unhook it.  We couldn't unhook it from the roots but as we drifted down, we could see the float next to the logs with the Steelhead laying peacefully under the logs.
We again beached the driftboat on the other side, ran the driftboat back upstream, rowed back across and anchored the boat next to the logs just below the fish.  Once I secured the boat in the calmer water below the logs, I climbed onto the logs and walked up to the roots to unhook the line.  Once again I could not get the line unwrapped.  I could still see the float and the Steelhead was still calmly laying under the logs.  With my heart pumping and the adrenalin peaking, I was trying to devise and implement aplan to land this Steelhead.  It helped to calming talk to the Steelhead telling her to be cool and we would have her unhooked in a minute.   I hooked the line just above the float with my Hot Shot rod and tied the line onto the clip of the Hot shot.  I removed the Hot Shot, checked the knot and after saying a few prayers, I cut the line that was wrapped in the roots which resulted in the Hot Shot rod tied directly to the float and Steelhead.  After a brief tussle and a few misses with the net we were able to net the Steelhead and row back across to the gravel bar with the Steelhead laying in the soft mess of the Gibbs Catch and Release net.  After a couple of photos, we released the Steelhead but she was happy to swim under my driftboat and laid there for 10 or 15 minutes.   After a few "Holy Cows!", "High Fives" and a few other comments, Charmayne and I shared of few gratifying moments of accomplishment that were mixed with the disbelief that we were able to land this Steelhead.  We hooked 3 Steelhead on the day but this one was "Unforgettable".
Thank You for a Great day of fishing, Charmayne and Happy Mother's Day!
May 9th   James Wright reports, "Hey I caught and released these two steelhead lastnight up river between sawmill and powerlines. The one is a hatchery and the other was a wild. I was floating a pink worm with a Gibbs Float".  Well done James!  Congratulations!
Trout fishing is still very good.  Bubba's Bait Dew worms continue to be the most productive lure for Trout on the Kitimat River.
Steelheading on the Kitimat River will continue well into May.  There should be more fresh Steelhead migrating into the Kitimat River.  There will also be some Steelhead kelts.  Kelts are Steelhead which have finished spawning and are migrating back down the Kitimat feeding on their journey back out to the saltwater.  There should also be an early run of Chinook starting to show in the Kitimat River. May is an exciting time to be on the Kitimat River.  Stay tuned! 


More boaters have been enjoying the stock abundance of the Douglas Channel.  Many are enjoying the Crabbing and Prawning while others are venturing out further for Halibut and Bottomfish.  On sunny days the Douglas Channel really shows off her "breath taking natural beauty'.  To be able to watch rods bent in the shadows of snow capped mountains and blue sky is an experience.  There is a group starting a promotion branding Kitimat as the "Playground of the Pacific Inland Coast"  We are truly blessed to live in the North West.
 Pacific Halibut
May 3 Marc O'Brien, Darrel Haque, Brian Nelson and Randy landed a 134.2lb Halibut at Fish Trap on the Douglas Channel.  They lost four or five more large Halibut.  They managed to land the 134.2lb and a few chickens.  They also caught 4 Grey Cod and a King Crab.  Congratulations guys!  It sounds like an excellent fishing trip down the Douglas Channel. That is a very nice Halibut. 
                     Steelhead                                            Dolly Varden
Special Report May 1: These photos and comments were submitted to me by Andreas Handl, "Here are some pics! The bright big one is from the Kitimat all the others are from the Kalum. When we floated down Hunters Creek we saw 8 Steelhead, floating on the Lakelse River down from Herman's Hole to the Skeena we saw 15 Steelhead, this all was last week. regards Andreas."
Thank You to everyone who provided photos and info for this fishing report.
Tight Lines!  Good Health!  Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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PS We have dates available for Drift boat trips, Jet boat trips and Salt water trips.  We would be honored to share the Kitimat Fishing Experience with you.
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