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June 6th to June 13, 2010

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Photo of the Week shows a huge Kitimat River Chinook (King) Salmon landed on June 12, 2010.  Jesse and his father Kelly Houston and Dustin Edwardsen landed this 62-pound fish while Hot Shotting with a Luhr Jensen Kwik Fish.  Jesse was using Loomis HSR1025 Hot Shot Rod and Ambassadeur 7000C3 loaded with 25lb. Trilene Big Game line.  Jesse reports, "we had to chase it down the river and fought it for 45 minutes!

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters
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I reported in last week's report that the Chinook are coming!  The Chinook are coming!  This week I changed my mantra to, the Chinook have arrived . Lots of them and big ones, including a 62lber.  A whole bunch of Chinook came into the Kitimat River during the latter part of this week.  Chinook were caught at the Lower Dike, the Eurocan Pump House and the lower Kitimat River and the middle section of the Kitimat River.  Driftboaters are doing exceptionally well.
June 6  Joe Botz weighed in a 26lb dressed Chinook on our Tackle Store scale on Sunday.  Joe was bar fishing at the Big Spruce and was using a #0 Metallic Green Yakama Spin N Glo comboed with a pink Gibbs Delta Drifter. The photo of this Chinook was taken with Marc O'Brien. Congratulations Joe.
June 6 Kurt was in our Tackle store and reported catching a 19lb Chinook on a Gibbs Koho 65 Blue Scale spoon. This was his first Chinook of the year.  Well done Kurt!  The first Chinook always gets the fishing juices inside stirred up.  Usually the first Chinook fuels the urge to go fishing every day. 
June 7 Dr.Tom Baumeister caught his first Chinook of the Chinook season on the upper Kitimat River.  Tom landed his Chinook right at dark on a Gibbs spoon.  Tom said "There were a few jumping and I was determined to get one".  Mission accomplished!  In the fishing world, perseverance is a large component of success.  Tom also commented that he was going to try to catch the next Chinook on his Fly Rod.  Congratulations Tom and Good luck on the fly.
June 10 Chris Matos weighed in a dressed 28lb Chinook in our Instore Derby.  Wow nice Chinook!  He also reported to catch a "Bright" Kitimat River Steelhead and provided a photo to verify his description of "Bright". Wow again, that is a very Bright Steelhead especially for this time of year.  Chris reports catching both the Chinook and Steelhead on a Gibbs Koho 55 Gold with orange stripe.  Congratulations Chris!
June 10 Manny Arruda and his favorite brother -in -law Shane Flagel landed a 25lb Chinook drifting the Kitimat River.  Manny and Shane were drifting in Manny's new Clackacraft Driftboat.  Manny was also using his new Loomis Hot Shot rods HSR1025c.  I believe this was the 3rd Chinook that Manny has hooked so far this season.  Manny is having a great start to the Kitimat River Chinook season.  There is a lot to be said about using the "Right Tools for the Job!". Well done Manny and Congratulations Shane!
June 11 Mike Herzberg an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters was doing a pre-client trip with his fishing partner Alvaro.  Mike and Alvaro hooked 6 Chinook and landed 3, a 30lb, 24lb and an 11 lb.  Wow!  What a great day of Chinook fishing, especially this early in the season.  Mike and Alvaro caught all these Chinook on Luhr Jensen's Kwik Fish.  Mike is our Top Guide and takes pride in producing Chinook for our clients and his friends.  Anyone interested in booking a trip with Mike please contact Ron 
June 11 Linda Riley proudly weighed in a 36lb Chinook in our Instore Derby.  Linda was fishing the Lower Dike using a jig tied by Dave Berguron.  Linda is a very experienced angler who brings excellent credentials to the female fraternity of anglers.  You Go Girl!  Congratulations Linda!  Well done!
June 11 Jesse Houston, Hanna McRea and Dustin Edwardsen drifted the Lower Kitimat River and hooked 4 Chinook and landed 3.  They landed a 15lb, 20lb and a 33lb Chinook all on Luhr Jensen Kwikfish.  Jesse is a previous staff member of our Tackle Store, City Centre Hardware and Sporting Goods.   Jesse is also considering joining our Guiding Company.  After these impressive results, it would be great to have him onboard the Reliable Guide and Charters Guiding Team.
June 12 Mike Herzberg hooked 6 Chinook and landed a 19lb Chrome Chinook.  Mike was fishing by himself and judging by the "hooked to landed ratio" he had a little trouble landing these early fresh Kitimat River Chinook.  Mike is a gifted angler but these Chinook are fresh and brutes to land. 
Congratulations Mike on a great morning of fishing the Kitimat River.  Next time you are fishing alone please phone me and I will gladly come with you to help you land some of these fish:-)
   Photo of the Week
June 12 Jesse and his father Kelly Houston and Dustin Edwardsen landed a 62lb Chinook on the Kitimat River Hot Shotting with a Luhr Jensen Kwik Fish.  Jesse was using a Loomis HSR1025 Hot Shot Rod and Ambassadeur 7000C3 loaded with 25lb. Trilene Big Game line.  Jesse reports that, "we had to chase it down the river and fought it for 45 minutes"! WOW! Congratulations Guys!   Well done!  What a great way to start off your Kitimat River Chinook season! Oh yah, they caught another one that was 35lbs.
June 12 James Botrokoff weighed in a 34lb Chinook.  James was fishing with a Black Jig.  Well done James! Congratulations!
June 12 Olivier Bergevin reports "Here is the fish I caught Saturday with my friend J-C from Quebec. A nice 36 pounds and a 19 pounds".
Well done Olivier and JC.  I was right,  "French Guys can play hockey and catch Chinook!"  Congratulations!
June 12 Andreas from Kingfish Westcoast Adventure.Ltd reports, "Hello Ron we had an awesome day fishing today , we landed 3 out of 9  Chinooks from Sawmill down. We fished in 2 groups with 2 driftboats, metallic pink was the colour of the day. Biggest fish 30 lbs tophole from powerline 15 min drill, we thought we lost the fish for a while, but the female came shooting at us and we got  lucky to land this nice silver fish. Make a nice selling fishing Story!
Biggest fish Dr.Ingo Merwald from Vienna. (lost 1 fish)  Second biggest fish Peter Murlatis from Vienna. (lost 2 fish) Small fish Leopold
Sinnhuber from Vienna. (lost 1 fish) Fritz Brueckler from Neulengbach lost a big one right by the boat around 40  lbs and two other ones. (lost 3 fish)"
Congratulations Andreas on a Great of Fishing!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas please contact Ron 
June 13 My son Corey and I did an afternoon drift today and we landed a 12lb Chinook.  Although the Chinook is not very big, the significance of this Chinook was that it was the first Chinook that was I hooked while my son Corey was rowing the Driftboat.  Corey has been learning to row the Driftboat for the past 3 years and we have hooked Steelhead and Coho with Corey on the oars but this is our first Chinook.  The agreement we have is that if Corey is on the oars when a fish is hooked, I have to call him "Captain Corey".  Captain Corey rowed from Cable Car to Radley Park and he just turned 16.  It was indeed a proud father moment in my life.  In addition to the birth of my first Grandson, Chase, June is evolving into an exceptional month for me personally.  Well done Captain Corey, Brandon and Justine! 
Summary The Kitimat River experienced a wave of big, bright Chinook in the latter part of this week.  The wave of Chinook can be explained by the growing high tides.  As many of the experienced Chinook anglers who have fished the Kitimat River will attest to, the larger high tides are a major factor in deciding where to fish and when.  This correlation of the bigger high tides and increased Chinook catch rates were verified in the years when DFO conducted Creel Survey of the Chinook anglers catch on the Kitimat River and Douglas Channel.  Our Mobile Tackle Van and our Instore Derby log also correlates the increased catch rates during the bigger high tides.  Following the Kitimat Tide Chart is an essential tool for any Chinook angler fishing the Kitimat River.  We have tide charts available in our Tackle Store and they are available on my website  All theory aside, the proof is in the pictures and this year's Chinook Run looks like it is going to be an outstanding one!  We have dates available for Driftboat trips and we love to provide awesome fishing trips for our clients catching these Big, Bright Chinook.  Please contact Noel Gyger 


June 11 Frank Pesunti and Andre boated a 35lb Halibut on their outing.
June 12 Dean Leeson and Darryl Blomme hooked 4 Chinook in the Douglas Channel and weighed in a 35lb Chinook that they caught in the Kitimat Harbour.  They reported that the channel was pretty windy but they persevered and they had 35lbs of fresh Chinook to show for their efforts. Well done Guys! 
Summary  The Douglas Channel experienced some high winds during the larger high tides and only a few boats ventured out in the latter part of the week when the Chinook were migrating through the Kitimat Harbour into the Kitimat River. The boaters who fished in the uncomfortable conditions managed to catch some Chinook. With the forecast for calmer seas,  we should see the same increased Chinook catch rates in the Salt Water Chinook fishery as we are seeing in the Kitimat River fishery.  Halibut continues to be very good this year as well.  Anglers are always in a better mood when they are catching fish!
Kitimat River Tidal Fishery
June 10  Andreas Handl of Kingfisher Adventures guided his repeat clients from Austria, Dr. Ingo Merwald, Hr. Fritz Brueckler and Hr.Leopold Sinnhube on the lower tidal portion of the Kitimat River.  They hooked 6 Chinook and managed to land 3 beautiful, bright Chinook using Luhr Jensen Hot Shots and Luhr Jensen Jet Diver with roe.  They were using Loomis Hot Shot Rods with Shimano Calcutta reels and Maxima Ultra green 30lb. test line.  Awesome fish caught with awesome equipment!
Congratulations to everyone for a very exciting day of Chinook fishing!  The Kitimat River Tidal fishery is a very unique fishery with changing water levels every 6 hours as the tide rises and falls.  It can be one of the most exciting fishing experiences an angler can participate in.  Every ardent Chinook angler should seize the opportunity to fish these big, bad, bright brutes literally minutes from the saltwater at least once in a life time.  Any interested anglers please contact Ron
Special Report Prince Rupert June 5 Marc Elie Morin proudly reports boating a 42lb Chinook on a trip out of Prince Rupert.  Marc was fishing with Jean Beaulieu and Benoit Martine. Jean caught a large Snapper and Benoit caught a 22lb Chinook.  They also caught a bunch of Crab and a Halibut. Wow! What a great day of fishing.  Congratulations to everyone!
Thank You to everyone who provided photos and info to this report.
Due to the economic downturn experienced in Kitimat, caused by the Eurocan Pulp and Paper Mill closure, we have many open dates in our Drift boats, Jet boats and Saltwater Charters.  Mother Nature may be easing the burden by producing exceptional early numbers of Chinook.  Our Driftboat guides, Jetboat and Charter Boat Skippers would love to create some awesome fishing memories for any anglers wishing to enlist our services.  Any interested anglers please contact Ron
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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