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July 12th to July 18th, 2010

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 Photo of the Week shows pro angling guide Andreas Handl holding up his client Tamara’s 50-pound Chinook (King) Salmon landed on the Kitimat River on July 15, 2010.  Andreas reports Tamara did an awesome job landing this brute of a fish.  She was fishing with a G.Loomis HRS 1025 hot shot rod, Shimano Calcutta 700 reel and Luhr Jensen Hot Shot SE Mag.  Photo by Ron Wakita  

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The fishing on the Kitimat River was excellent this week with bright, big Chinook moving in on the morning big tides.  The key to success this week was fishing the morning high tides.  There were more and more Pinks and Chum starting to show in good numbers.  Surprisingly, there were also the odd Sockeye and Coho caught this week.  The Kitimat River has a skeleton run of Sockeye, D.F.O estimates between 500 to1000.  This is an excellent time to be fishing the Kitimat.  There are all five species of Salmon swimming around waiting to be hooked by a lucky angler.

July 10 I had the pleasure of fishing with Naomi Point and Jonathon Sura.  We hooked 2 chrome Chinook but we landed a 24lb beautiful, bright Chinook. We had an excellent and very exciting day of Chinook fishing on the Kitimat River.  Thank You to Naomi and Jonathon for enlisting our guiding services.  I had a lot of fun fishing with you both. 

July 10 Andreas Handl of Kingfish West Coast Adventures landed 3 very nice Chinook.  I took this photo on the river when Andreas' boat and mine were boat to boat.  Susan and Rainer looked very happy with their catch.   Congratulations to all!  All of these Chinook were bright fish with sea lice.  Andreas was using Luhr Jensen Hot Shot SE Mag.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas please contact


July 12 Mike Hollandfishing with our clients, Marvin and Val Hawke had a Great Day drifting the Kitimat River.  They hooked 4 Chinook and landed 3.  Congratulations Marvin and Val!  Well done Mike!  Mike commented that Marvin and Val were a pleasure to fish with.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Mike please contact

July 12 I had the pleasure of fishing with my very good friend Randy Padalec and his new girlfriend, Darcy Shaw.  Also along on our drift was Dale, a very good friend of the Padalec family.  Dale landed a Pink and Darcy landed a 15lb Chinook on our morning drift.  We had a great time on our drift since Randy and I have fished together for 20 plus years.  The "Old Randy" I affectionately referred to as the "Fishing partner from H..."  The "New Randy" with Darcy's guidance, has potential. :)  

July 13 Ariel Kuppers drifting with our clients, Daniel and Louise Kitt hooked 2 Chinook but landed a bunch of Pinks.  The Pinks are an excellent warm up exercise for landing the bigger Chinook.  Stay focused and you will land some Chinook.

July 13 Randy, Darcy and I decided to fish in my secret fishing hole, directly under Haisla Bridge.  We landed a 24lb Chinook on a Metallic Pink Hot Shot.  Randy told some fish stories and we enjoyed the breeze which had less wind than Randy's fish stories.  We caught a fresh Chinook with Sea Lice.  Great Fish Stories Randy and Congratulations on the fish!


                                                                            Mag Lip plug still in fishes mouth

July 14 Randy and his father, Mike Padalec and I decided to fish under the bridge again and attempt to catch Randy's mother Evelyn a "Birthday Fish".  I am pleased to announce that we landed 2 Birthday Chinook on the morning tide.  Randy and Mike did an excellent job landing Evelyn's Birthday fish.  Happy Birthday Evelyn!

The first Chinook we hooked and landed on Yakama Bait's New Blue ScaleMag Lip.  It took us less than five minutes from launching to hook this 29lb Chinook.  Mike did an exceptional job landing this Chinook.  I have been working with Buzz Ramsey from Yakama Bait to make some adjustments to these lures for our fishery. I think we have dialed in these lures for fishing the Northwest for Chinook.  They are a deep diving plug that has a "Skip beat action" that Buzz designed to entice the strike.  I think it is a winner.  Well done Buzz.  The proof is in the pictures.  A Huge Thank You to Buzz!


July 14 Andreas fishing with our clients Louise and Daniel Kitt landed a Chum and a 22lb Chinook.  First they landed some Pinks with Ariel, then a Chum and finally a Chinook.  Congratulations Daniel and Louise!  Well done Andreas!  Louise and Daniel are such wonderful people and I am so happy to report their success on the Kitimat River.

 Photo of the Week

July 15th Andreas Handl fishing with his clients Tamara and her father Mike Hustin landed a 50lb Chinook on a Luhr Jensen Hot Shot SE Mag.  Wow!  Andreas reports that Tamara did an awesome job landing this brute of a fish.  Well done Tamara!  Congratulations, that is a fish of a lifetime!  When I spoke to Tamara's father Mike there was a sense of pride that only a father can relate to.  Tamara loves to fish with her father and this fishing trip will create a page in the Hustin history of life that will be cherished for generations.  Thank You to Tamara, Mike and Andreas for allowing us to share the moment!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas please contact

July 15th Mike Holland guiding his clients Dave and Anthony enabled them to land a 22lb Chinook.  Dave reports "this is the first Chinook he has landed and the biggest fish ever".  Congratulations Dave and well done Mike.


                      Mag Lip plug


July 15 Reliable Guide and Charters had the pleasure of hosting a Business Networking excursion for Gerry Knechtel of Midway Purnel Ltd.  Gerry organized this Driftboat trip for a group of ten business associates to do some fishing and networking in the peaceful 

tranquility floating down the Kitimat River.  These trips provide an excellent opportunity to get away from the office and enjoy the company of business associates on a personal level rather than by phone, fax or emails.

The tranquility of drifting the Kitimat River was frequently interrupted by the bending of rods and the sweet sound of "Fish On!" This group hooked 10 Chinook in total and landed 5.  They also landed a bunch of Pinks and lost a Coho at the boat.  Some of the group had a front row seat to watch Tamara Hustin land a 50lb Chinook.  To watch a very attractive young lady tame a 50lb Chinook was quite the experience. 

On behalf of Ariel, Trent, Richard and myself, a big Thank You to Gerry Knechtel for organizing this trip and enlisting our Guiding services.  I hope you all a wonderful fishing experience on the Kitimat River.  We were honoured that you chose our company to host your fishing trip and we look forward to being at your service to your group again in the future.

 Yakama Bait Mag Lip plug


July 16 I had the pleasure of fishing with Kyle Adams and AJ Brazil for a few hours on the Kitimat River.  I had intended to go to the gym and work out but I decided instead to load my driftboat with 3 willing anglers and row my driftboat to burn the excess summer calories. I also wanted to do a little Tackle testing with Yakama Bait new Mag Lip diving plugs.  Kyle and AJ were happy to accommodate when I shared my plan with them in the parking lot in front of our Tackle store.  Kyle landed our first Chinook weighing 29lbs on Yakama Bait's new Mag Lip Blue Scale Diving Plug.  When we went to shore to land this Chinook we invited Don from Prince George to join us.  This provided the extra weight in the driftboat to increase the calorie burn and allowed us to put up another rod with another Mag Lip.  With Don in the boat we hooked but lost another Chinook on the Mag Lip Blue Scale and then AJ landed a 22lb Chinook on the Mag Lip Blue Pirate.  Thanks for a great morning of fishing guys.  I was able to get an excellent work out, Kyle and AJ were more than happy to land the Chinook and Yakama's Mag Lip has earned the recognition of enticing Kitimat River Chinook to take the hook.  Buzz Ramsey of Yakama Bait also deserves special recognition for designing a winner.  Yakama Bait's Mag Lip is the Real Deal! 

Later that day, Cindy Empson of Royal Lepage shared a saying with me that "if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life!".  Life is good in the Fishing World!  I can honestly say that I love my job!


July 16 Ron Plante was fishing with his kids and some friends and caught a Chum and a bunch of Pinks.  A father fishing with his kids in Kitimat is a common occurrence and it is always a delight for me to observe.  Some of the fondest memories of my father are fishing trips and hockey road trips.  Well done Ron and family

There were also 2 Chum landed on the Radley Park side by Nolan and his father.  Congratulations guys!


                                                            Scotty Orca Rod Holders

July 17 Mike Hollandfished with our clients Robin Miller, Dennis Peterson and their daughter very young daughter Ashley.  Robin landed 2 Chinook, 26lb and a 15lbs.  Ashley also landed 3 Pinks and when I spoke to Ashley, she was very Proud of her catch as she should be.  Congratulations Ladies! Thank You enlisting our Guideng services.  Great Job Mike! We have very happy clients..  Any anglers wishing to book a trip with Mike Holland please contact Ron

July 17 Trent Vines, and Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters and an a Staff member of our Tackle Store was Fly Fishing with his Spey Rod and landed a 10 Jack Chinook on an Intruder style Fly.  Well done Trent!

July 17 I had the pleasure of fishing with Colin and Aaron from Vanderhoof.  I met them in our Tackle store and they asked where the best place to go fishing was.  I said, "in my boat under the Haisla Bridge" was a pretty good spot.  I explained that I was going to the gymn but I would rather row my driftboat Hot Shotting to get a Workout.  We launched my Driftboat under the Haisla Bridge  and produced a 22lb Chinook that Aaaron landed on a Blue Pirate Mag Lip.  Well done Aaron.  Congratulations!  Thank You to Colin. Len and Aaron for the workout!


July 18 I had the pleasure of fishing with Cedar Welsh and Todd Sherstone on a Driftboat trip down the lower Kitimat River.

Todd had entered a contest that Noel Gyger and I had sponsored last year.  Anyone who added their family's, freind's or fishing partner's email addresses to Noel's Subscriber's lContest was entered into a Draw for a Free Driftboat trip for 3 down the Kitimat River.  Todd was the Lucky winner.  We hooked 2 Chinook but unfortunately we were able to land any Chinook.  We landed a bunch of Pinks but not the Chinook we were targeting.  Cedar and Todd were a very nice couple and it was a lot of fun fishing with them.  Thank You for your wonderfull personalities and spirits.  It was a great day on the Kitimat River!

Anglers are reminded that Chum are open on the Kitimat River for retention of 2 Chum per day over 30cms.  Pinks on the Kitimat River are closed for retention.

Summary:  The Star of this week was Yakama Bait's new Mag Lip diving plug.  It has been a long time since I have gotten this excited about a new lure on the market.  It is also an advantage to be able to speak directly to Buzz Ramsey, the lure designer.  Thank You for all your help Buzz. 

The Kitimat River will continue to fill with Chinook, Pinks and Chum in the coming weeks.  There will be plenty of action on the rods to entertain all levels of anglers.  We are indeed fortunate to be blessed with the stock abundance of Salmon that the Kitimat River provides.



July 13 Andreas fishing with his clients Norm, Anthony, Brad and Don landed 7 Chinook.  The largest was 40lbs.  Wow!  What an awesome day of Chinook fishing!


July 16 Andreas Handl fishing with his clients Tamara and her father Mike Hustin and their relatives Dave and Anthony in the Tidal portion landed 3 Chinook.  Wow !  Congratulations to the Hustin family!Your family are landing big Chinook on all portions of the Kitimat River.  Great job Andreas!  Anyone interested in booking a trip with Andreas please contact Ron


The Douglas Channel is producing Chinook, Coho, Pinks, Chum and very good numbers of Sockeye Salmon in exceptional numbers.  Bottom fishing has also been very good highlighted by a 90lb and a 150lb Halibut caught this week

July 11 Ferd Bouzane fishing with his brother John boated a 150lb Halibut.  Ferd said that John landed the Halibut but usually with big Halibut it is a team effort.  Congratulations to the "Bouzane Halibut Fishing Team".  Ferd also reports catching a bunch of Grey Cod on their fishing trip.  Well done Guys!

July 11 Dave Payjack fishing with Fred and Adeline Uskiw boated this very nice Douglas Channel Chinook.  Congratualtions Fred.  Well done Skipper.

 July 13 Dave Payjack reports "In the Halibut picture there is big Gordie and Harley holding up Gordie's first ever Halibut weighing in at 68.5 lbs, its too bad little Gordie couldnt get in the picture. The trio landed 4 Halibut, 5 Chinook salmon and 1 Pink and their limit in crab on July 13"  Well done guys!  Good Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Dave, please contact Ron

July 15 Wes Owen boated 3 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour.  This is exceptionally early for Coho at this end of Douglas Channel.  (sorry no photos available) When the early signs of a run start early usually means we are in for a Good One!  Time will tell.  Stay tuned.  Good Job Skipper. 

Summary: The Douglas Channel will start to show her stock abundance in all her glory in the coming weeks.  When the Chinook, Pinks and Chum start to spawn bottomfish will migrate into the inner portion of the Douglas Channel.  This makes bottom fishing possible in the wind sheltered areas of the Douglas Channel and easier for smaller boats to productively bottom fish.  All five Salmon species will also be available for harvest.  The key is to know where to go and what to do. 

Any interested anglers are welcome to email me at or contact the helpful staff at MK Bay Marina 250 632 6401.

Lori from M K Bay reports that they have full launching facilities and temporary moorage available.  "We really try to accommodate everyone".

We still have available days on our driftboat trips, Jetboat trips and Saltwater trips.  Any interested anglers please contact Ron

Thank You to everyone for contributing photos and info for this fishing report.

Sincerely and Cheers

Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  cell.250 632-1275
fax. 250 632-3528

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