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July 4th to July 11th, 2010

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The Photo of the Week shows Kristy Perra and Richard Sutton with a 14-pound Jack Chinook (King) Salmon landed on the Kitimat River on July 9, 2010. They hooked two Chinook.  Their guide was Ron Wakita.  This fish bit on a Metallic Pink Luhr Jensen SE Mag Hot Shot.  

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Early this week the Kitimat River water level remained low and the Chinook catch rate dropped.  Not only were there no Chinook but there were no Pinks or Chum migrating into the Kitimat River either.  There was the odd Chinook caught but most anglers were hoping for either hot weather to create snow melt in the mountains to induce river height or rain.  Mid week we received extremely hot weather and the Kitimat River water level rose dramatically.  The forecast for this weekend is for some showers which would also help remain higher river level heights.  With the increase river heights more Chinook have been caught as well as more fish jumping in the pools.  Pinks and the odd Chum have also been observed and caught by anglers mostly in the lower Kitimat River.  Fishermen and Fisherwomen are always in a better mood when they are catching fish.


July 6 Ariel Kuppers fishing with Ken Balko landed a 28lb Chinook, 4 Pinks and 4 Dolly Varden on a 1/2 day drift on the Kitimat River.  Balko was using a Black and Red 3/4 oz. Rainbow Jig.  Well done Ken!  Thank You for using our guiding services.

July 8 Blake Smith fishing with his grand parents Deloras and Arnold Smith landed a 30lb Chinook on the Kitimat River.  Blake was using a blue red headed Yakama Bait Spin n Glo with a black Gibbs/Delta Hoochie.  Deloras and Arnold are very accomplished anglers as well as successful Fishing Guides.  They are passing on their passion of fishing to Blake.  Congratulations Blake!


July 8 Mr. D. Dacosta caught a Jack Chinook at the Eurocan Pump House using a Yakama Bait Pink Spin n Glo.  Well done Mr. Dacosta.


Photo of the Wee

July 9 I had the pleasure of fishing with Kristy Perra and Richard Sutton drifting the Kitimat River.  Kristy and Richard are a very nice young couple with plenty of enthusiasm for life and fishing.  We hooked 2 Chinook and landed a 14lb Kitimat River Jack Chinook on a Metallic Pink Luhr Jensen SE Mag Hot Shot.  Thank You for your wonderful spirit, it was a lot of fun fishing you both.

July 10 I had the pleasure of fishing with Naomi Point and Jonathon Sura.  We hooked 2 chrome chinook but we landed a 24lb beautiful, bright Chinook.

We had an excellent and very exciting day of Chinook fishing on the Kitimat River.  Thank You to Naomi and Jonathon for enlisting our guiding services.  I had a lot of fun fishing with you both. 

July 10 Andras Handl of Kingfish Adventures landed 3 very nice Chinook.  I took this photo on the river but I did not have the names of the lucky angler at the time of this fishing report.  Congratulations to all!  I will includes names and details in nest week's report. Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas, please contact Ron

Summary:  The forecast is for rain which should keep the Kitimat River level at a decent height.  We are also going to receive some very big tides.  It is growing through the weekend and will peak on Wednesday at 20.5'.  These big tides combined with the higher water should bring Pinks, Chum and Chinook into the Kitimat River. We are already starting to see a fresh run of bright, chrome Chinook   Myself along with many other Chinook anglers are looking forward to fishing the Kitimat River this week.  It is going to be very exciting!  Stay Tuned!


July 4 Andreas Handl fishing with our clients Clint, Shani, Derek and Erin Ray.  Andreas reports hooking 3 Chinook and landing one.  Well done Derek!

Any one wishing to book a trip with Andreas.  Please contact Ron


 Pacific Halibut and one Chinook

July 3 Dave Payjack of Sea West Fishing Adventures fishing with our clients Clint, Shani, Derek and Erin Ray reports, "Here is a picture of the trip with your clients Clint, Shani, Derek and Erin Ray. It was a day trip that went pretty good we all had fun, and managed to land 3 small halibut and 3 salmon.”  Well done everyone!  Good Job Skipper!

Rock Fish  




Huge Halibut

July 4 David Payjack of Sea West Fishing Charters reports; "These pictures here are from my last group of clients, Eric Lang, Todd Walker, Dwayne Evans and Jason Cummins.  Eric Lang comes to Kitimat to fish with me every year, in hopes to catch huge halibut.  He says we don't go for numbers we go for tonnage.  Last year he was the first to become a member of our "HALI 100 CLUB" and this year he wanted to beat his previous record of 121 lbs.  We specialize in 2 day trips allowing us to get to remote spots where the fishing pressure is minimal.  The first lure down at the Hali hole was Erics and within 20 minutes he hooked a Hali weighing 128 lbs! The boys also landed another two halibut weighing 46 lbs and another approx. 20 lbs, 2 nice sized red snapper and 2 ling cod one weighing in the 30's and 1 decent fair sized coho. Awesome trip, sure glad the weather changed allowing us to venture out to our halibut areas.”  Well done Guys!  Great Job Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Dave, please contact Ron Wakita

July 10 Todd from Nautical West Fishing Adventures reports "Here is a photo of my guest John from Calgary. This chinook gave John 
a good battle but as you can see here that John prevailed and is all smiles." Congratulations John!  Good Job Skipper!  Anyon wishing to book a trip with Todd please contact Ron

July 11 Todd of Nautical West Fishing report  "Here is great photo of my guests from Australia. These guys hooked up 
with a 25lb chinooky and 9 coho salmon on their trip." Congratulations to all.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron wakita@telus,net

The Douglas Channel was very productive this week.  I spoke to one Skipper who boated 32 Salmon on a 2 day trip.  There was a mix of Chinook and Coho in the Salmon count.  They also caught 8 Halibut but the largest was 30lbs.  This group may not have caught "big" but they certainly caught "lots".

Sue Channel was one of the hot spots for Chinook on the Douglas Channel.  The Kitimat Harbour was spotty but the boaters who found some Chinook were very pleased.  One aspect of Chinook fishing is that one 30 or 40lb Chinook or bigger can make day's fishing all worth while.  The weather early to mid week was unbelievable!  We are indeed fortunate to live so close to what I consider one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  To be able to catch Salmon, Halibut, Crab and Prawns in calm seas and blue skies is truly amazing.  Add to the scenario, the ability to bathe in Natural Hot springs after a day's fishing is an experience that has to be enjoyed by everyone.

Thank You to everyone who contributed photos and info to this Fishing Report!

We have plenty of open dates for Drift boat trips, Saltwater trips and Jet boat trips.  Any interested anglers, please contact Ron Wakita

Sincerely and Cheers

Ron Wakita
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