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August 15 to August 22, 2010

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Fishing Photo of the Week

PHOTO OF THE WEEK Mike Herzberg reports, " Lara and I drifted Cablecar to Radley Park on Sunday, Aug. 22.  We hotshotted for coho using Fenwick 9' Legacy rods, Ambassadeur 5600C5 reels, 15 lb. Berkley Trilene Big Game line, and Luhr Jensen #35 Hot Shots w/ 1/0 Gamakatsu siwash hooks.  Conditions were a little tough as we were facing not only an extremely low river but a very strong south wind.  We were unable to properly fish most of the big, deep pools because there was so little current to get the plugs down and the wind would blow the boat back upstream.  We concentrated mainly on the stretches with a heavy current and were able to hook five coho, landing two.  Most of them hit in less than four feet of water.  I'm hoping we get enough rain this week to bring the river up at least a foot or so.  Take care, tight lines..." Mike Herzberg.  Mike is an associate fishing guide for Reliable Guide and Charters.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC
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Kitimat River Coho Season in the Kitimat River is starting to get really good.  A few crucial elements aligned this week to create some very good Coho fishing in the Kitimat:

1. We received some very much needed rain. 
2. We received some big high tides this week
3. The rain stopped and the river dropped and remained clean.
4. Coho moved into the Kitimat River.

The end result was a bunch of happy fishermen, women and kids. Goose Creek and the lower, Lower Dike were the hot holes in the lower Kitimat with the Haisla Bridge producing sporadically. By the end of the week, the drift boaters had very good results drifting in the middle and upper sections of the Kitimat River especially after the rain.

Aug 26 I drifted the Kitimat River on a morning drift with Trent Vines and we hooked 6 Coho and landed 3.  Trent is one of my Associate Guides and we were doing a prescient drift in preparation for a Booking we have coming up.  We pride ourselves in staying dialed to the hot holes and tracking where the fish are holding as the river conditions change.  Today's Coho were caught with Jim's Jigs and Rainbow Jigs.  We tried Hot Shotting a few holes but the Coho seemed to want to chase the Jigs.  The Luhr Jensen Hot Shots have been our most effective lures to date but Jigs were more effective this morning. I enjoy fishing with my Associate Guides as they are awesome anglers and wonderful guides.  I affirmed my faith in Trent's ability today but I discovered that he is a lousy singer. :)  Thanks for an awesome morning of fishing Trent.
Aug 26 Marc Girard, an associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters drifted with his friends Clint and Gerry on an afternoon drift.  They landed 2 Coho on their drift.  Congratulations Guys.  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Marc please contact Ron
 Aug 27 Reliable Guide and Charters had the pleasure of guiding Vincent Zylinski his son, Steve and his daughter, Terri.  Also along on the drift was Terri's boyfriend, Mike.  The Zylinski group was guided by Trent Vines and Mike Holland. During the drift with our clients, Trent's boat landed 7 Coho of 10 hooked and Mike's boat landed 6 Coho of 12 hooked.  Mike and Trent had done prescient drifts on Thursday the day before. The catch results verify the importance of presidents trips and the proof is in the results.  The Kitimat River Coho run is still in it's early stages but Mike and Trent did an excellent job providing our clients with very good numbers of opportunities to hook, fight and land Coho during their drift.  Congratulations to the Vince, Terri, Steve and Mike on their catch!  Thank You using our guiding services.  Well done Trent and Mike!
Any angler wishing book a trip with either Mike or Trent please contact Ron  
Aug 27 Mike Herzberg, an associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters fishing with his long time friend and fishing partner Alvaro hooked 12 Coho and landed 6.  Mike and Alvaro were using Luhr Jensen #35 Hot Shots  and Pink Jigs made by Rainbow Jigs.  Mike and Alvaro are both very gifted anglers and together make a formidable duo to lips of Coho on the Kitimat River.  Well done Mike and Alvaro!  Congratulations!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Mike please contact Ron  
Aug 27 Our Mobile Tackle Van logged 12 Coho hooked with 7 landed at the Lower, lower Dike and took this photo of Dick Woodcock and his 10lb Coho.  Dick and most of the anglers were Bar fishing with Yakama Bait Spin n Glos with Gibbs/Delta hoochies.  Other successful anglers were casting Gibbs Koho 65 Blue Scale spoons with red back.  Congratulations to all!
Aug 28 I had the pleasure of drifting the Kitimat River with my very, very good friend, Jerry Dennill and his nephew, Cassidy.  Jerry and I go back to highs school days. In.fact, I was in Jerry and Liz`s Wedding party.  It was a delight to see Liz and Jerry again.  Jerry and I were drifting the Kitimat River back in High School in any type boat that our Dads' owned.  One of our notable partners was the very talented, Steve Brady. 
I made a last minute decision to do an afternoon drift.  We hooked 5 Coho and landed 2.  It was great to fish with Jerry again and Cassidy was a lot of fun as well.  Thank You for your wonderful company on  a great afternoon of fishing! 
Aug 28 During the drift with Jerry and Cassidy, we came across Mike Langegger and his son Adam.  Adam who is 9 years old landed a beautiful Coho.  Well done Adam!  It is always touching for me to watch a father and son enjoying the passion of fishing together especially when the kids are young.  Congratulations Adam!  Well done Mike!
Aug 29 I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend Jerry, his brother Blaine and Blaine's son Cassidy.  Jerry drifted in a friend's "Foldaboat" and Blaine and Cassidy drifted with me in my Alumaweld Driftboat.  Jerry lost 2 Coho on our drift and Blaine, Cassidy and I landed 2 Coho of the 7 we hooked.  We landed the last 2.  There is a lot to be said for being positive, persistent and above all, attentive.  It is also a quality to laugh in the face of adversity.  A lot of times while fishing, things just don't go the way that they are supposed to.  There are enviably mishaps and our drift was no exception.  I will spare my fishing partners and myself the embarrassing details except to say that "Everything turns out GREAT!".

SUMMARY: The Kitimat River Coho season is progressing nicely and should have lots of Coho available to be caught in the upcoming Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby Sept. 4th and 5th Labor Day weekend.  See poster below for all the details.  Although other Salmon species such as Chum and Pink are in the river the main focus with be on Coho.  This years Coho season is shaping up to be an awesome one!


Aug 23 I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend from Hawaii in the Kitimat Harbour.  We hooked 7 Coho but only managed to land 3 during our morning trip.  Losing Coho at the boat is a common and frustrating occurrence.  It is also provides awesome material to harass your fishing partner.  Although we only landed 3 Coho, had a lot of fun harassing each other.  The hottest rod was the `"high line" with an Gibbs 8 oz. slip weight and a Hot Spot Blue/Green UV Flasher and a Rhys Davis Metallic Blue/Green Anchovies Head with a 4 1/2" Anchovies.
Aug 23 Wes Owen fishing with his good friend Wayne Southgate landed 3 Coho in a couple of hours fishing in the Kitimat Harbour.  They were sitting in the coffee shop and had an inspiration to go fishing.  20 minutes later they had lines in the water and landed 3 Coho because they responded to the inspiration to go.  Wes and Wayne would probably have otherwise sat in the local A&W telling fish stories rather than creating one.  Well done guys!  Next time please feel free to phone me to join you.
Aug 24 My good friend Ron Jones and I fished the Kitimat Harbour again on the morning slack tide.  We had poor results landing Coho the day before so I down sized hooks to a #2 Treble Gamagatsu hook.  We landed the first 4 Coho we hooked.  We were feeling pretty good about ourselves only to loose the next 4.  Such is life in the Fishing world.  The Fish Gods have a way of keeping anglers humble.  We did however come home with 12 Dungeness Crab.  Bon Appetite!
Aug 25 I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friends Noel Gyger and Ron Jones.  We hooked 7 Coho and landed 4,  Among the 4 Coho we landed was a Double header that Ron and I landed 2 for 2.  It was an enjoyable morning of fishing with 2 very good friends.  We caught some Coho, ate some Crab, told some fish stories while fishing in the Kitimat Harbour.
A Big "Thank You" to Noel's wife, Gail for providing us with the zucchini loaf.  I hope you enjoy the crab that we sent home with Noel as much as we enjoyed your zucchini Loaf.  Bon Appetite!
We were trolling with Hot Spot's Blue/Green UV Flasher and Rhys Davis's Blue/Green Metallic Anchovies Teaser and Rhys Davis Anchovies from Berry's Bait and Tackle.  The high lines were the most active using Gibbs 8 and 12oz. Slip weights.  These were the hottest rigs for this week but as many anglers can appreciate, the hot lures can change as the season progresses. 

To help our fishing friends catch more fish with the right tools, here is a complete list of equipment used:

Rods:  (7' MLite Ugly Stick) made by Shakespeare
Reels:  (Charter Special1000 Lever drag) made by Shimano
Nets:  Gibbs and the other net was a Sea King
Fishing line:  Berkley Big Game
Leader:  Maxima Ultra Green
Hooks:  Premade by Rhys Davis with Metallic Blue/Green Anchovy Teasers
Hook sharpener:  Luhr Jensen
Crab Traps:  Sea King
Bait baskets:  2 Types - Danielson and Captain Crab
Carabineers:  Home Hardware
Fish bags:  Trophy XL
Duck tape: Home Hardware
Rod Holders: Scotty: Scotty Orca
Downrigger and releases: Scotty
Crab measuring gauge: Gibbs/ Delta
Filet knife: 7" c/w spoon and Kershaw 7" with serrated edge by Normark
Flasher: Hot Spot Blue/Green UV
Flasher: Skipper Flashers #1
Flasher: Hot Spot Blue/Green UV
Crab and Rice Breakfast: Kikkomann Soy Sauce and Kokoho Rose Rice made by Chef Ron.

Aug 25 Wes Owen of Golden Fishing Adventures fishing with his clients John and son, John, Gene, Bryce, and Derek landed 5 Coho, a pink and a Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour.  They lost a few more but the bite in the Kitimat Harbour was not as good as it normally is this time of year.  Wes commented that his clients enjoyed themselves onboard Wes's 30' Bayliner.  Congratulations!  Well done Skipper.
Aug 25 Todd Haynes of Nautical Fishing Adventures reports,
"Just a snapshot of our recent trip here. We just about limited out on everything on this trip. We put 5 halibut in the boat, a limit of Salmon with 2 being small Chinooks, full limit of Rockfish, 27 Pacific Cod, 8 Lingcod. These guys fished well and worked well as a team. Another great trip with good weather and calm seas."  Congratulations everyone!  Well done Skipper!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron
Aug 25 Todd Haynes of Nautical Fishing Adventures reports, "Here is another photo of my recent guest's with photo's of some of their catch. These folks limited out again this year with a few coolers full of fish."  Congratulation everyone!  Great Job Skipper! Anyone wishing to book a trip with Todd, please contact Ron 

Aug 22 to Aug 28 Andreas Handl of Kingfish Adventures submitted these photos of his clients and their catch.  I apologize for not posting the names of the Andrea's clients but I had not received the names at the time of posting this report.  They all look pretty happy with their catch deserve Congratulations.  Great Job Andreas!  Anyone wishing to book a trip with Andreas please contact Ron
Aug 29 Wes Owens called me today excited about his trip in the harbour by today.  Wes boated 4 Coho by himself in an hour and a half.

SUMMARY: The strong afternoon winds limited many boaters to morning trips in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  Although there were some Coho caught in the Kitimat Harbour the catch numbers are not as good as previous years during the same time period.  Most boaters are returning to the marina with 4 or 5 Coho in the cooler rather than their limit as they have had in previous years.  I also wish the catch rates were better but I can only report the catches as they are, not what we wish them to be.  Many of the Saltwater boaters who fish the Kitimat Harbour Fishery every year think that there are more Coho to come based on the catch rates of Coho on the outer Douglas Channel.  Time will tell.  Stay Tuned.  Halibut continues to be good but many boaters catch their Coho first and then go Bottom Fishing if time allows.

With the economic downturn, we have plenty of days available for Driftboat trips, Saltwater Trips and Jet Boat Trips.  The Coho Season is shaping up to be a good one and we would be happy to help create an awesome fishing experience for anyone interested.  Please Ron

We have dates available for Kitimat River Drift boat trips, Jet Boat trips and Salt Water Charters.  Any anglers interested in booking a trip with us please contact Ron Wakita Cell 1-250-632-1275
Thank You to everyone who provided info and photos to this fishing report.
Good Health and Good Fishing!
Sincerely and Cheers
Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
380 City Centre
Kitimat B.C
V8C 1T6
bus.250 632-3522  cell.250 632-1275
fax. 250 632-3528




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