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September 6 to September 13,2009

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: JUSTIN LITTLE holding an 18lb 12 oz. Kitimat River Coho caught on Gibbs Koho 45 Green Scale

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters 


KITIMAT RIVER:  The Kitimat River is full of Coho right now.  The Coho fishing was good early in the week but got even better later in the week especially after we received some rain and brought the Kitimat River level up.  I have heard comments like "the best Coho fishing in a long time".

Sept 5 Marc Girard fishing with our clients Wolfgang and Brigetta Scharz from Austria hooked 7 Coho and landed 3.  Wolfgang caught his first Salmon which was celebrated by giving Marc a big hug.  Congratulations Wolfgang and Brigetta.


Sept 5 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his Uncle Bernie Kuppers hooked 19 Coho and landed 11 during a drift on the Kitimat River.  Well done guys. Great catch numbers.

Sept 6 Daniel Bussieres reports "Here is the first Coho taken by Lucille Bussières in Terrace (at about 2PM this Sunday). She is with her husband Jean-Noël in the photo. I guess you met them with my wife Helene this week. Please, put on your Web site" Congratulations! Thank You for the photo.

Sept 7 Mike Herzberg fishing with his fishing partners Anter and Pete.  They limited out on Coho and they sounded like they had a whole bunch of fun in the process. Well done guys! I'm thinking that the "three amigos" might be a good nickname for this crew

 Photo of the week

Sept 7 Justin Little weighed in an 18lb 12oz Coho into our Instore Derby.  Wow!  This is a nice Coho! Justin caught this beauty on a Gibbs Koho 45 Green Scale spoon.  Congratulations Justin.


Sept 7 Eric Neidert fishing with his fishing partners Gord and Donovan landed 6 Coho and kept 5.  Well done Guys!

Sept 7 Our Mobile Tackle Van took these photos of Natasha Silva and her son Chad after they caught these nice Kitimat River Coho. Congratulations to Mother and son.

Sept 8 Marc Girard fishing with our clients Pat and Merv Kowalski landed 12 Coho. Pat and Merv kept their limit and released the others.  Congratulations!  Good Job Marc!

Sept 8 "Ron this Coho was caught on Sept 8/09 on the lower dyke out of a drift boat. Fish weighed in at 19.5 lbs.  The person in the picture is Gary Koehler and he is the one who landed it using a hot shot plug.  Gary has been fishing the lower dyke for many years and this was the biggest Coho he has ever caught."  Congratulations to Gary!  Thank You for the photo!


Sept 10 Mike Herzberg fishing with his fishing partner Anter landed these beauties on their drift.  Well done Guys


Sept 11 Mike Herzberg fishing with Alvaro landed a bunch of Coho including these ones.  Congratulations.


Sept 11 Our Mobile Tackle Van took this photo of Dave Demedeiros (left) after he landed this nice big Coho under the Haisla Bridge on the Radley Park side. Tony Marrello (right) under the Haisla Bridge on the Radley Park side.


Sept 12 Mike Herzberg fishing with his fishing partner Pete landed these Coho and a whole bunch more on a Drift of the Lower Kitimat.


Sept 12 I did an afternoon drift with my fishing partner Doug Rumley.  We hooked 8 Coho but only managed to land 2.

Summary: The Kitimat River water level rose quickly with the rain we received mid week and the high water enticed a bunch more Coho into the Kitimat.  The river level dropped as fast as it came up which is typical for the Kitimat River.  At the time of writing this report the Kitimat River is in excellent shape with lots of Coho in the entire system.  The size of the Coho that are being caught are also starting to climb into the higher teens.  We have also received reports of a couple of Coho weighing in the 20lb range.  Wow!  We are having an outstanding Coho season on the Kitimat River this year!

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  The Kitimat Harbour Fishery during the Chamber of Commerce Derby produced excellent numbers of Coho last weekend.  There were not a lot of boaters fishing in the Kitimat Harbour during the week but the boats that were out reported lower catch rates.  The Coho numbers in the Harbour dropped off dramatically as the Kitimat River water level rose.  A lot of the Coho that were holding in the Harbour shot into the Kitimat River


Sept 6 On Sunday and final day of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby I had the pleasure of fishing with my daughter Julie and my nephew Blaine and my good friend Doug Rumley.  We boated 9 Coho including a big one that turned out to be the Derby winner.  Julie has fished with me since she could walk and is a very accomplished angler in her own right.  It was a great day of fishing but to have your daughter win the Derby created a very special moment for Dad and daughter.   Thank You to Julie,Doug and Blaine for an awesome day of fishing that I will always remember!  Congratulations Julie!


Sept 11 Mel the Signman fishing with his friends Tom and Barb Horn boated 5 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  Congratulations on your catch.


Sept 12 Mel the Signman fishing again with his friends Tom and Barb boated 3 Coho in the Kitimat Harbour. Congratulations on your catch but what a difference a week makes in catch rates.

Sept 12 John Eckstein of Blue Heron Charters fishing with his clients Aundria and Vince Hanson reports, "Coho were scarce in the harbour on Saturday so we went a little further down the Douglas and picked up this 20 lb spring. Two more salmon in the boat capped off our day"

Douglas Channel Summary: The Channel should continue to produce Coho in reduced catch rates as the Coho will continue migrating up their native rivers. There are still plenty of Coho further down the Douglas but fishing closer to the river mouths being in the right place at the right time is critical.   Halibut and Bottomfishing will continue to be good although weather conditions may start to become an issue.   By monitoring the weather conditions will ensure enjoyable and productive outings down the Douglas Channel.

Boaters are still reporting catching Coho further down the Douglas Channel. Money Point is still producing good numbers of Coho.  Al Smith reports his cousin Pat bringing home a 50lb and 30lb Halibut.  Coho, Crab and Halibut can still be caught on the same day in the Douglas Channel.  Gotta love it!

Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby Update for Sunday, Sept 6th:

Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby Winner


Largest Coho:  Julie Wakita caught a 13lb 11 5/8oz Coho and won the $1000.00 cash prize and Keeper Trophy

Largest Coho: Women's category Julie Wakita won a Rod and Reel and Keeper Plaque 


Largest Coho: Junior Category Lara Lychak caught a 13lbs 25/8ozs Coho and won a Rod and Reel and a Keeper Trophy 

Largest Halibut: Marina Smith caught a 64lb Halibut and won $1000.00 cash and a Keeper Trophy

Draw Winners:

Steve Venman – Hawkair Trip for Two & Century Plaza two night stay
Ronald Jones – Hudson Bay Mountain Estates Ski Package
Judy Carver – Tookus Inn Lodge Package
Theo Maag – Channel’s Edge Inn Package
Mary Bouzane – Nautical West Sport Fishing
Randy Dean – Minette Bay Lodge Package, 1 Night Accommodation & English Breakfast

This year's Derby was an excellent event with plenty of other activities to entertain participants in addition to the Coho fishing.  The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby Committee did an awesome job this year and deserves special recognition for their efforts.  The Fish Stock Music Fest and Beer and Root Beer Gardens were a hit.  The Kids enjoyed the Casting Pond, the Kids Zone and Fishermen's Knot Testing.  There were some instances during the proceeding’s when it was difficult to tell which ones were the "kids". A Great time was had by all!  Look forward to seeing everyone again next year!  Congratulations to all the winners!

Good Luck and continued good Coho fishing!

Thank You to everyone who contibuting info and photos to this report.

Big Bright fish and Big Smiles


Ron Wakita
Reliable Guide and Charters
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V8C 1T6
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