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June 21 to June 28, 2009|

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Peter Strathdee holding a 30lb Kitimat River Chinook caught on a fly.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

 KITIMAT RIVER: The fishing results during the beginning of this week started off slower than last week's results.  Last week our catch rate averaged four to six Chinook (King) Salmon hooked during most of our drifts.  Last week we had marginal tides (15' to 18') and the Kitimat River was high and conditions and water clarity was less than optimal but more fish were hooked.  Early this week, the Kitimat River dropped and with better conditions and huge high tides (20.8') the Drift boat fish count average dropped to only two Chinook hooked.  Similar results were reported in the lower Kitimat at the Pump House and the Lower Dike. I guess the Chinook didn't read the manual?  Mid week we received some rain and the catch rates jumped. By Friday, the fish count average started to climb in the drift boats as well as in the Lower Kitimat River. A few Chum (Dog) Salmon are starting to enter the river. 

  Kitimat River heights 

On a personal level this week's Fishing Report starts with “Father's Day” fishing with my oldest son Brandon and ends with a "Wedding Fish Story" Please read on as it was a special week

Allan Strathdee emailed me pictures of their catch on June 19th 2009. It is a catch result from last week but it is such an accomplishment to land large Chinook on a fly that Peter deserves internet recognition.

June 19th. Peter Strathdee fishing with his brother Allan landed this beautiful 30lb Chinook on the Kitimat River last week.  Peter and Allan have evolved to catching Kitimat River Chinook on Spey Rods. They are both ardent Chinook anglers and have been fishing the Kitimat River on their annual trip for as long as I can remember.  I predict their evolution to successfully Fly fishing for Chinook will evolve quickly as they are both enthusiastic and determined angers. Congratulations Peter and I am sure we will be seeing a lot more Fly caught Kitimat Chinook pictures of both you and Alan in the future.

June 21st. Brandon Wakita Father's Day Chinook.  My son Brandon and I did an evening drift on Father's Day and Brandon landed a 25lb Chinook on K13 Blue Scale Kwikfish.  Although Brandon landed the Chinook, the Father's Day gift to me, is the satisfaction of netting a Chinook hooked and played by my son. Well done Brandon and Happy Father's Day!

June 21st. Frank Pesunti entered a 47lb Chinook in our Instore Derby.  Frank is a hardcore local angler who catches a pile of fish in the Kitimat River. Well done Frank and Good Luck in our Derby.  Our Instore Derby is Free to enter and there is a Rod and Reel prize for the Largest Chinook. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to enter!   


June 22nd. Mike Herzberg fishing friends Dave and Aaron landed a jack Chinook and a 30lb Chinook. Well done Dave and Aaron. Mike reports that his Eagle friends are getting fatter.  Please read on…

June 23rd. Bob Coles fishing with his wife Marie landed this 40lb beauty!  They were drifting the upper Kitimat. Bob and Mary are local Kitimat residents who are both accomplished anglers.  The truth be known is that Mary usually out fishes Bob but this day belonged to Bob. Well done Bob!


June 23rd. Glen Kilcup, an Associate Guide of Reliable Guide and Charters landed two Chinook and lost one walking into a hole in the upper Kitimat. If our guides are not booked with clients they are usually out doing some personal fishing.  Glen usually fishes with his favorite fishing partner and wife Bonnie.  How did you sneak out fishing without her?  Congratulations on the fish but wait until Bonnie sees the pictures... 

June 23rd. Mike Herzberg fishing with our clients Myra and Richard Kuriyama landed an 18lb Chinook and a Steelhead.  Myra and Richard are in Kitimat visiting their son Nathan who is working as a Pharmacist at Shopper's. They enlisted our Guiding services and had a wonderful drift with Mike.  The fishing was not as good as we hoped but Richard landed the 18lb Chinook and Myra landed the Steelhead.  After landing a Chinook, Mike has a ritual of cleaning the Chinook and feeding the guts to his Eagle friends. Richard took some exceptional pictures of the Eagle who dined on the entrails of the Kuriyama's catch.  Mike has been performing this ritual for years and the eagles recognize Mike's boat and when a Chinook is hooked in Mike's boat, the Eagles start to squawk as they know lunch is soon to be served.  Thank You to Richard and Myra for enlisting our guiding services and I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Drifting experience on the Kitimat River with Mike and his Eagle friends.


June 24th. Marc Girard (L) fishing with his fishing buddy Dick Woodcock (R). Marc landed a 37lb Chinook and Dick lost another Chinook. Well done Marc and "Stay focused" Dick.

June 24th. Derek Downey landed and released a Chum (Dog) Salmon on the Kitimat River.  Wow!  This is early for Chum to be caught on the Kitimat but there is always an early bird in every crowd.  Bonnie Girard reports, "Garage Sale folks have the same problem".

June 25th. Marc Girard guided Bert Morin fishing with his sons, Marcelie and Guy.  A father fishing with his sons is always a special occasion no matter what stage in life.  As evident in the photo, Marcelie and Guy are adults who share the passion for fishing with their father. The Morins only landed one Chinook but the special time spent with family is always memorable.  Some of the fondest memories I have of my father were our family fishing trips.  Thank You for enlisting our guiding services and we are honored to have played a role in your family moments.

June 25th. Eric Neidert reports two trees have fallen into the right channel at the Upper Power Lines.  Boaters are advised to take the Left channel when drifting through the upper Power Lines.  Drift boaters doing the Sawmill drift are also advised to be cautious in the new Nalabila arm.  Drift boaters are advised to keep their rods tucked into the boat drifting this section.


June 26th. My daughter Julie called and asked me to catch some fresh Chinook for a wedding she was attending on Saturday. Mary is a colleague that Julie works with at Dr’s. Gottschling and Stevenson's Dental Office. I agree to Julie's request and I enlist the help of Nick Bouchard, Leanne Jenkins and Jeff Bushey who are also attending the wedding.  They are all happy to agree to the conditions that any Chinook that we catch will be donated to the reception dinner.  We do a morning drift on Friday (the day before the wedding). At one point during the drift, we were zero Chinook landed for three Chinook hooked.  At this point, I remind the crew that we have a mission to complete with only one hour before I have to go to work.  With morale a little low in the boat after losing three potential wedding fish I decide that we need a motivating theme song.  The most appropriate song I could think of was "Here comes the Bride".  Darned if we don't hook two more Chinook humming "Here comes the Bride". I am pleased to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cabral are happily married complete with fresh Chinook at their reception dinner.  We landed a 12lb and a 25lb red Chinook.  Mission Accomplished!  We hooked five Chinook landing two.  The last two.  Well done crew!  Thank You for staying focused. Congratulations to Mary and Rick on their wedding day!  Anglers are also reminded to brush after every meal!


June 27th. Marc Girard (L) fishing with his good friend Dick Woodcock (R) landed two Chinook, a 17lb and an 18 lb Chinook on a morning drift.  Nice fish guys! Well done Marc but I believe that you still owe your wife Bonnie a Birthday Fish.

June 27th. Mike Herzberg was fishing with his buddy Frank Silveira (shown in photo) on Saturday morning. Mike and Frank hooked six Chinook, landed four. They landed a 30lb and 35lb Chinook in their catch.  Wow!  I consider Mike to be one of Kitimat's finest Chinook anglers if not the "Top Gun".  Mike is methodical in his approach and the proof is in the pictures. Well done Mike and congratulations to Frank.

As many readers who have followed my Fishing Reports for the last two weeks you may have noticed that most of our Associate Guides and I are fishing with friends and family.  It is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality fishing time with friends and family but we are doing this because the down turn in the economy has drastically reduced bookings.  Any anglers wishing to enlist our services please me at as we have plenty of openings and the fishing is getting really good.



June 21st. Wes Owens. Dan Matclf 28 and 22lb. Chinook  Kitimat Harbour Fishery



June 23rd. Bill Patton caught 4 Chinook and a Chum in the last three days. The Chinook weighed 23.5lbs, 12lbs and 31.5lbs. Bill is a Skipper for a Marine company and usually fishes by himself between jobs.  To steer the boat, play the fish and net is quite the accomplishment.  Well done Bill.

June 24th. Kitimat Harbour Fishery. Wes Owens fishing with his clients Natalaya and Giorgio boated a 19lb Chinook on a morning troll. Well done Natalaya!


June 24th. Todd Haynes of Nautical West Adventures fishing with Clients Debby Rajala and son David, Eleanor Brickwood and  Leanne Huber. They caught a 40lb Halibut, a 10lb Chicken Halibut, some Cod and a bunch of crab.  Well done! Great Time was had by all.  When Debby emailed me her pictures they were all tagged "Fishing in Paradise" Congratulations Ladies and David and Good Job Skipper!

June 25th. Ron and Doreen Verschoor report boating 7 Chinook. 32lbs was the largest Chinook, 4 Coho and a 22lb Chum at Money Point on an overnight trip. Well done Ron and Doreen!  Always nice to see a husband/wife team fishing together.  Good for you two!

June 26th. Ron and Doreen report boating 4 Chinook on Friday and also report watching another boat catch four Chinook and limit out and go home by 10:30A.M

June 26th. Kitimat River Tidal Fishery. Andi Handl fishing the Kitimat River Tidal Fishery with Clients George and Eva Zacharias.  They landed a 12lb, 16lb and 24lb Chinook and lost three other Chinook. Well done George and Eva!  There will be some Chinook Salmon on the menu for awhile.

There was a major "bite on" in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery this weekend.  Ron and Doreen reports watching several Chinook caught. 

The Kitimat Tidal fishery is starting to heat up as Brad Wickman reports limiting out as well.  Anglers wishing to book a trip on the Tidal portion of the Kitimat River please me at  The Kitimat Tidal Fishery is one of the most exciting fisheries an angler can experience when the bites on. It appears to be heating up now.

Thank You to everyone for providing their catch results to be enjoyed by the readers of this report.

Good Luck! Tight Lines and don't forget to brush!


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