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June 14 to June 21, 2009|

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Photo of the week:  Brandon Wakita - Father's Day Chinook

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters



Kitimat River height

 Kitimat River

The early portion of the Kitimat River Chinook run has been very good with the Kitimat River levels remaining fishable all week.  The Kitimat River is one of the few rivers in the North West that very seldom becomes unfishable due to snow melt.  The Kitimat River rises with hot temperatures and/or rain but usually always stays clean enough to be fishable especially in the summer months.  We received both a mix of sunny and rainy weather this week but the Kitimat River continued to be fishable.  As always, when the conditions are better so are the fishing results. This was clearly demonstrated this week as the Chinook fish count was higher on the days when the river level and the water clarity was better.  The Kitimat River heights are available online and there are also links posted on Noel Gyger's website as well as ours.  The most common method used by most Kitimat residents is to drive over the Haisla Bridge and look down at the Kitimat River.  We also log the Kitimat River heights twice daily with our Mobile Tackle Van.  River height and conditions are among the most critical factors considered by anglers and guides to determine where to fish and how to fish.  Noel's website is very good at identifying which rivers in the Northwest are fishable and I, of course forward Noel the fishing conditions on the Kitimat River and the Douglas Channel which can be read in this report.   

  June 14th. Tomy Canton boated a 35lb Chinook drifting down the Kitimat River.  Tomy is a fairly new resident of Kitimat but his fishing results are very impressive for an angler new to the area.  Well done Tomy! 

 June 14th. Marie Bachand landed a 15lb Chinook at the Eurocan Pump House Pool.  Marie and her husband Lawrence are camped at the Eurocan Pump House and Marie reports Chinook being caught in "spurts".  This is typical in the early stages of the Kitimat Chinook run especially with river water levels rising and falling.  Most Chinook will migrate through this portion of the Kitimat River particularly on the rising tides.  The "spurts" of Chinook Marie reports correlate with the timing of the tides.

 June 15th. Todd Haynes of Nautical West Fishing Adventures fishing with buddies from work Brian Boudreau and Jody McCrae landed a very nice Chinook on the Kitimat River after work.  We are indeed fortunate to live in Kitimat where anglers can finish a graveyard shift and then go fishing to unwind before getting some sleep.  Going to sleep after landing some big Chinook is always more enjoyable!  Congratulations and Sweet Dreams guys!

 June 15th. Mike Herzberg fishing with his young fishing partners, Lucas Aruda and Phillip dos Santos.  Lucas Aruda landed this nice 20lb Chinook.  Mike commented that he loves fishing Lucas and Phillip who are young, enthusiastic and eager to learn.  Well Done Lucas and Phillip!  You are learning from one of the Best!

 June 16th. Mike Herzberg fishing with his friends Tony Cordeiro and Gord Barnard landed some "beauties". Tony landed a 20lb Chinook and Gord landed a 25lb. Chinook. Well Done Tony, Gord and Mike!

  Ariel Kupper's also an Associate of Reliable Guide and Charters landed a 26lb Chinook on his Spey Rod.  Well Done Ariel!  Hooking Chinook is a difficult task but landing Chinook on a fly is even more challenging. The more difficult the challenge the more rewarding the accomplishment.  Congratulations Ariel!

June 17th. Mike Herzberg (L) fishing with one of Kitimat's Finest Fire Fighter's, Mark Zielinski landed a bunch of Chinook on Wednesday.  Mark and Mike did exceptionally well considering that Wednesday's river conditions were less than optimum.  I believe being in the right place at the right time was prevalent on Wednesday.  Being able to identify the right place is the key.  Very few anglers can pick them as well as Mike.  Good Job guys! 

 June 18th. Mike Herzberg fishing with his good friend and fishing partner Alvaro landed a 20lb Chinook.  Nice fish Alvaro!  If you hold the fish higher during the picture taking it will cover your belly. :)

June 19th. Mike Herzberg fishing with Alvaro and Manny Aruda landed a 23lb, a 30lber and a  Jack Chinook.  Well done Guys!

 June 19th. Our illustrious Noel Gyger reports landing three Chinook fishing with Rod Vodola.  Noel says, "Got a nice podcast video clip of the biggest fish, around 20-25-pounds. All fish were chrome bright and real fighters".  Video podcast clips of Noel and Rob can be viewed on Noel Gyger's website at on the podcast page. Nicely Done!

 June 20th. Bonnie Girard's Birthday!  Bonnie and her favorite guide and husband Marc lost the "Birthday fish" at the boat.  They are planning to go out again on Sunday.  The plan now is to land Bonnie's Birthday fish and Marc's Father's Day fish.  Good Luck to Marc and Bonnie!  Either way Happy Birthday! and Happy Father's Day!  I look forward to seeing some pictures.

June 21st Father's Day

 "Dad you hold your fish and I will hold mine"

 It was a very proud moment as a Father to watch my son Brandon land a Chinook on Father's Day.  It does not seem to matter how big the fish is or how old Brandon is.  It is still a great feelling now as it was when he was a toddler. 

My apologies to Ariel Kuppers and to Mike Herzberg whose pictures were being considered for our "Photo of the Week" but you both will undoubtedly catch more Chinook.  Father's Day only comes once a year.

 DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  The Douglas Channel is starting to produce Halibut and Chinook as more boaters are starting to fish both in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery and the outer waters of the Douglas Channel.  Many boaters have reported Chinook that they have caught or they have watched being caught in the Kitimat Harbour.  With the Kitimat River water levels up and down the Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour are usually on the move.  Timing is everything in this fishery during these conditions as well being in the right place at the right time.  Anglers who have a better sense of this concept are highlighted below.

June 13-14th. Dave Payjack of Sea West Charters fished last weekend with his clients Wilson Santiago and Manuel DaSilva, both from Vancouver. They boated three Halibut and an assortment of Cod and Crab and had a wonderful time on the Douglas Channel.  Dave says, "We all had a great time and I look forward to seeing them both again in July".  Congratulations Wilson and Manuel and good job skipper!  Repeat clients are the direct result of Clients satisfaction.


 June 14th. Wes Owens chartered his clients Travis Sather and Cheney Murray and they boated three Chinook, a 31lb, a 25lb and a 22lb.  Travis had some very nice comments about Wes's knowledge, experience and ability to catch fish.  I concur with Travis's comments as I have known Wes since a youngster and I admire and respect Wes Owen's fishing ability enormously.  Congratulations to Travis and Cheney for a great day of Chinook fishing on the Douglas Channel with one of Kitimat's finest skipper's particularly in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.



 June 15th. Natalya and Giorgio from Italy were fishing with a Kitimat Resident, John Dalmonte on a Charter Trip also with Wes Owens.  Wes Owens skippered this group onto seven Chinook and boated five.  They had two double headers during their trip and landed all four Chinook involved in the double headers.  Wow!  Well done. All the Chinook were in the twenty to twenty five pound range and a great time was had by all! 

 June 20th. Patrick Dufresne fishing in the Kitimat Harbour fishery boated two Chinook.

One was 28lbs and the other was 22lbs.  Well done Patrick! 

 Dan O’Neil also reports boating a 25lb Chinook on Saturday.  This Chinook was one of a double header hooked in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery up by Bish Creek.  Well done Dan!

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Big Fish and Big Smiles especially for the "Dads"

 Thank You to everyone for providing their catch results to be enjoyed by the readers of this report.


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