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November 29 to December 6, 2009

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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: COLBY LOSIER holding a 20" Trout he caught in the Kitimat River this week.  Colby was fishing with his father Jacques caught lots more...see details below 

Fishing Report from Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

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KITIMAT RIVER: The Kitimat weather was sunny and clear early in the week and some anglers managed to get to do some Trout fishing with good results.

The Lower Dike, Goose Creek and the Big Pool at Cable Car were the Hot Holes this week.  Cable Car was reported to have lots of small Trout.

Mid week in Kitimat we received some light snow falls followed by some rain which melted most of the Snow.

During the latter part of this week we received Sunny, Clear and some very Cold weather.  It dropped to below zero at times.


                        Float                          plus                       Worms

 Equals One Happy Seven Year old Boy and One proud Father


Dec 1 Jacques Losier reports "My son Colby Age 7 caught some incredible Cutthroats. He caught these 20 inch plus fish with a pink worm and a real worm. He landed at least 15 to 20 fish all in the 11 to 13 inch range. Awesome day of fishing!"

Wow!  These are some very nice Trout.  Well done Colby!  And at Age 7!  It is always refreshing to report a Father and Son sharing the passion of fishing and these are special times that Colby will never forget.  Well done Dad!  Thank You for taking the time out of your busy life to send me the pictures

Summary The Trout fishing on the Kitimat River is still very good but right now it is very cold.  Please dress warm!  The most popular spot during this cold spell is the Cable Car pool.  Anglers can simply drive down to the pool, walk less than 50'  and fish.  If it gets too cold, anglers can simply walk back to their vehicles and warm up or go home.

There are not a lot of bigger Trout reported in the Cable Car pool this week but the added feature of being able to warm up is something to consider especially if you are fishing with the kids.

DOUGLAS CHANNEL:  The Winter Chinook fishing in the Kitimat Harbour is difficult to determine as only one boat was reported fishing the Harbour this week.   


Nov 1 Wes Owens took my brother Brian and my twin brother, Rick Wakita out fishing for Winter Chinook and to catch some Dungeness Crab. I asked Wes not to try too very hard to catch any fish for my brothers because of our ongoing Sibling rivalry.  For readers that have brothers you may be able to relate to the normal competitive nature between brothers.  Brothers can be competitive in some cases but if you add the fact that we were all born the same year,  (Brian was born in January and my twin, Rick and I were born in November).  It get’s a little too competitive but it is all in good fun, most of the time!

I am happy to report that they didn't catch any Winter Chinook. :-) They did however catch their limit of Crab with the help of the Ace Line Hauler and Redl Sports Distributor's Crab Traps with upgraded gates. It is such a simple but very effective upgrade.  There have been many frustrating moments over the years when you pull the Crab trap and the bait is gone, the gates are stuck up and the trap is empty.  Well Done Redl Sports! 

Both my brothers loved pulling the traps with the Ace Line Hauler and they did catch a lot of Crab but "What’s Up" with the FiFI orange gloves? :-)

Summary The Douglas Channel will produce Winter Chinook in the Kitimat Harbour when the weather warms up a little and more boaters are able to get out to fish for them.  The key to catching Winter Chinook is to find them as they are moving around looking for baitfish.   Once they are located is it fairly easy to catch them in pretty good numbers. 

Noel and I intended to fish with Wes Owens this weekend but sub zero weather postponed our trip.  With the wind chill factor the temperature could drop to -20 degrees or lower.  The sub zero temperatures can cause problems with the steering or shifting problems or the boat may have trouble starting.  Sometimes staying warm and avoiding situations is the best decision.  Stay Tuned!

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Thank You everyone for providing photos and info for this report. Please view our Christmas Flyer below.
Stay Warm and Stay safe!  Good Health and Good Fishing!
Merry Christmas!

Ron Wakita
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