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July 26 to August 5, 2009|

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Photo of the Week
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Chrissy Girard fishing with her father Marc Girard caught
this 20lb Kitimat River Chinook July 30th 2009


August 5th Update

My very good friends and fishing partners, Natalie and Daniel Chimko are proud parents of a Baby Girl.  Natalie gave birth to a 9lb 11oz. baby girl today.  She is definetly a "Keeper".

Congratulations to Natalie, Daniel and their families!

 KITIMAT RIVER:  The Kitimat River continues to produce more Pinks and Chum Salmon this season than it did all of last season.  It is reassuring that Mother Nature can bounce back after a poor return last year.  We are also fortunate that our Salmon stocks on the Kitimat River are enhanced by the Kitimat River Hatchery.  Anglers were out for their last chance to retain Kitimat River Chinook because the Chinook retention on the Kitimat River closed midnight July 31st.  Marc Girard reports seeing a few bright Chinooks caught on the Hatchery Island July 31st.  Chum continues to be strong as they are stacking up on the gravel bar below the Hatchery and on the Hatchery Island


July 24 Our Mobile Van. Doun Klopper Age 12 caught her first Kitimat River Salmon on her Birthday.  I realize that this was a photo for last week's report but this was a "Birthday Fish".  Davis Klopper also caught a Pink Salmon.  Congratulations on your catch Doun and Happy belated Birthday!


July 26 Terence Reynolds an Associate Guide for Reliable Guide and Charters loves to Fly fish and especially likes to guide Fly Clients. Graeme J. Ivamy and fishing partner, Murray Tanks landed fifty plus Chum and Pinks on fly with the knowledge and expertise that Terrence provided.  Congratulations Graeme and Murray and Thank You for enlisting our Guiding Services.  Well done Terrence!




July 27 Terrence Reynolds guided Bill and Gloria Tolley and Eric Neidert guided Al and Betty Oates. Bill and Gloria Tolley caught over thirty Pinks and Chum and Al and Betty caught about the same.  I am not sure if there was a competition but my official scoring was that "A good time was had by all!”  Congratulations on your catch everyone and Great job Terrence and Eric! Gloria confided to me that "I didn't think I would have as much fun as I did."  Very nice to hear!

July 28 Mobile Van.  Robert Kearns 30lb Chinook landed on the Island across from the Hatchery.  Robert is from Ireland and caught his first Kitimat River Chinook and it is a "beauty'.  Congratulations Robert!


July 29 Marc Girard fishing with "The girl next door" Cheryl and her boyfriend, Darren.  They kept a 22lb Chum and 6 Pinks and released a bunch more.  Cheryl is Marc and Bonnie's neighbor back home and thoroughly enjoyed their drift with Marc.  The proof is in the pictures!  Congratulations on your catch.

July 30 Marc Girard fishing with his daughter ChrissyChrissy caught a 20lb Chinook.  Well done Chrissy.  Congratulations to dad and daughter.  If there was a Fisherman's Swim suit issue of the Fishing Report this would be the winning photo. Wow!


July 31 Rob Bryce sent these pictures for this report and had the following comments, "We were back out in Kitimat and Terrace for a week and had a great time.  It was great to see all the Chum and Pinks back in big numbers.  They sure gave our fly rods a good workout (one broken rod and one broken reel).  We also hooked into 9 springs on the fly rod and landed 6 (we were overmatched on the three we lost as they took off downriver and we could not stop them)".  Congratulations on your impressive numbers Rob!  Thank You for the photos.

July 31 Store Derby.  Scott Coleman weighed in a 29lb Chinook caught on a jig. Scott nicknamed it the "Superman Jig' (Blue and Red two tone jig). Well Done Scott.

July 31 Instore Derby.  Colin Huseby weighed a 35lb Kitimat River Chinook on the last day of retention of Chinook on the Kitimat River.  Congratulations Colin.


Aug 1 I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Stubbins and his son Zak.  We kept 4 Pinks and hooked, landed, lost and released a whole bunch more.  It is always nice to fish with father and son.  It was especially pleasant since Zak was a very well mannered and polite young man who was a joy to fish with.  The father, son bond evident of our trip was refreshing and we hooked a pile of fish.  I had a great time Mike and Zak and I can now see in the photos that a Great time was had by all!


Aug 2 I had the distinct pleasure of fishing with Jody Jordan and Larry Carden.  Jody is the producer of Jordan World Circus and Larry is the Animal Superintendent of George Carden Circus International.  They were in Kitimat with the Circus and decided to do a little fishing on the Kitimat River.  Jody landed and released this 40lb Kitimat River Chinook on our drift. The most distinct memorable moment during the fight with this chinook was Larry saying "Don't loose this one Jody".  Great Job Jody!  Congratualtions!   With one of the training methods I received during the ceritification of the FFF Instructor's course by Tom White ten years ago I was able to give Larry a few casting tips that improved his casting.  Larry landed this Pink on his very first cast fly fishing on the Kitimat River.  Well done Larry!  We also hooked a pile of Pinks during our drift but the hooked to landed ratio was pretty low during one bad streak but we finished strong.  It was a Great day on the Kitimat with you guys. You guys were a lot of fun to fish with. 

Summary: The Kitimat River should continue to produce Chum and Pinks for quite a while longer and Coho should start to migrate into the Kitimat River.  It is an awesome time to be in the Fishing business when the Salmon returns are strong.  The weather has been exceptionally awesome, lots of fish are being caught and everyone is having a Great time fishing the Kitimat River.


August 1 John Eckstein fishing with our clients Ken and Lucy Craven landed three Coho and a bunch of Crab in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery

August 2 John Eckstein fishing with our clients Eugene Hiscock and Darren Sutton caught two very nice halibut and 8 cod. 

Congratulations Guys.  Good Job Skipper.
Aug 3 Instore Derby Mark Pacheco weighed in three Coho, a 12lb, a 13lb and a 10lb.   The boat landed ten Coho out at Money Point down the Douglas Channel. Congratulations!
August 4th
Sabin Simard with his first  Coho 10 lbs
Sabin and my friend Alain Bergeron and his first Coho 12 lbs
Sabin says  "All together with caught 4 Cohos, 2 Pinks and 3 Chinooks, a whole bunch of crab and lots of sun on the channel". "God I love this place".
Aug 5th
Wes Owens fishing with Wayne Southgate landed nine Coho in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  They kept eight and released one.
Aug 5th
Andreas Handl fishing with David, Hannes, Micheal and Thomas landed 5 Coho, 5 Pink and one big Chum.  Congratualtions Guys
Aug 5th
Mike Ferguson fishing with Karl,Sam and Stewart Woodman fishing down the outer waters of the Douglas Channel landed 8 halibut and 32 Coho.  Wow! Congartulations Guys.

Summary: There were not a lot of pictures sent in from the Douglas Channel but we are receiving reports of "Lots of Coho" being caught at Money Point!  There are many boaters heading out for the long weekend so I expect to receive many reports of Halibut and Coho.  Stay Tuned

It appears by the results of the last few days that Coho Season has started to heat up both in the outer waters of the Douglas Channel and in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  Halibut fishing has also been very good as well.  It is a Great time to be on the waters of the Douglas Channel.

Thank You to everyone who submitted pictures for this report.

Bright Fish and Big Smiles.

Ron Wakita
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