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August 23 to August 30, 2009|

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PHOTO of the Week: Our Wonderful Website designer Denise Pedro, her husband Bento and their three boys, Benny, Myles and Cruz. 

The Pedro family are holding 4 Coho caught in the Kitimat Harbour of the Douglas Channel fishing with yours truly.

Fishing Report from:  Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

KITIMAT RIVER:  The early portion of Coho run on the Kitimat River is as good as it has been in many years. Coho fishing has been outstanding this week.  Early in the week we had some big tides and high river levels that brought in a bunch of Coho into the Kitimat River.  Anglers have been catching some impressive numbers of Coho throughout the lower and middle sections of the Kitimat River.  With the high water Coho have been migrating through most of the holes below Haisla Bridge although both sides of the Bridge have been good sporadically during the week.

Aug 23 Ariel's friend, Clint Travis, hooked 25 Coho in the lower Kitimat.  Clint Travis landed 7 Coho. Sorry no pictures but pretty good fish numbers.

Aug 23 Kevin Dave said, "Kevin Howe and I spent this last beautiful Sunday evening drifting down the Kitimat River. Thanks to Jessie’s great advice from the store and combined with the new reel and plugs, we were able to hook into well over a dozen fish each, a combination of Pinks and Coho, I lost count at some point. Kevin caught his limit within minutes, I had lots biting, the only problem was that I couldn’t get them in the boat, the reel worked wonderfully but the operator was too excited and pulling way to hard, finally just above Coho flats around 6:00pm, after a great fight I was able to coax this beauty into the boat (I think he felt sorry for me)…Thank Jesse for the help."  Congratulations to Dave and Kevin on your catch.  Good Job Jesse!  Well done.

Aug 24 Al Smith and Richard Piche drifted the lower Kitimat in their pontoon boats.  They kept 3 nice Kitimat River Coho and released another 3.  Marc Girard took this photo in Coho Flats in front of his drift boat.  Well done Al and Richard.

Aug 24 Justin Lowes, our newest member of Reliable River Driftboat Guiding Team fishing with our clients. Gord Nichol and Stirling Fudge hooked 5 Coho including this beauty. Gord and Stirling had a great time fishing the Kitimat River with us and their trips down the Douglas Channel with Armando Santos.  Congratulations Guys and Good Job Justin!


Aug 25 Marc Girard fishing with his fishing partner Dick Woodcox during a drift landed 12 Kitimat River Coho, kept 4 Coho and released the others.  They also had a bunch of Coho release themselves.   Well done guys!


Aug 27 Ariel Kuppers fishing with his friends Darla and Scott.  They landed 3 Coho and lost another 3.  Well done!   Congratulations 

Aug 27 Mike Herzberg, an  Associate of Reliable Guide reports "Drifted Cablecar  with Anter this morning.  We hooked 13 Coho on hotshots, landing 11 of them.  Range was 5-10 lbs.  Had action in every pool/run on the way down.  Size 25 hotshots worked best...silver/blue scale and green hot-tail.  A buddy and his wife landed 16 using spoons and spinners.  Saw a bunch more hooked below Hirsch by guys throwing jigs."  Congratulations Mike and Anther!  Thank you for the update and the photos. 

Aug 28 Mike Herzberg fishing with his good friends Jim and Edie Arruda.  They landed 9 Coho and lost another 3.  Jim grew up in Kitimat and moved away but returns every year to fish with Mike.  It is nice to observe old friends (and wife, Edie) sharing the passion of fishing.   Congratulations! 



Aug 28 Ariel Kuppers and Marc Girard, Associate guides for Reliable Guide and Charters guided Barry and son Kail Ross and Blake Walker and Lee Dowd. The group hooked 18 Coho and landed 7.  I understand that there was a bit of a competition and a wager between the older fellows in the group, Barry and Blake and the younger guys, Lee and Kail.  Congratulations to everyone on their catch but especially to Barry and Blake who won the bet!  Thank You all for enlisting our guiding services.

Aug 30 Marc Girard fishing with our clients Mike McIntre and his son Keengan.  I am always delighted to have father and son enlist our guide services.  Marc said that Mike and Keengan were a pleasure to fish with and they landed 5 Coho but only kept 3.  We hope we help create some memorable family moments that Mike and Keengan will always remember.  Congratulations on your catch and Thank You for enlisting our guiding services.

Kitimat River Summary: Anglers have been hooking some impressive numbers of Coho but it seems that the "hooked to landed ratio" heavily favors the Coho. Coho have a softer mouth and they tend to go a little crazy when you manage to get them close to the boat or close to shore.  The barbless hooks also make it challenging to land these silver bullets.  Thus is part of the attraction to Coho fishing. The good news is that there are a lot of Coho in the Kitimat River right now and the opportunity too.  It appears to be a very good Coho return to the Kitimat this year. Stay tuned. 



Aug 14 Photos submitted by Sam Avila of Ocean Breeze Charters fishing with his clients Casey Dizoba and wife Susan, daughter Sara and son in-law Andro.  They limited out in Coho and caught a bunch of bottomfish.  Congratulations guys and Good job Skipper!


Aug 23 Sam Avila of Ocean Breeze Charters fishing with Clients Robin Ballard and son in-law Ed limited out on Coho and Halibut.  Well Done!


 Aug 24 I was fishing Monday morning with my good friend, Doug Rumley and my favorite ex-father-in-law, Art Hackler.  We finally managed to land four Coho and lost a whole bunch more. At one point during our trip we hooked eight Coho and did not land one.  Losing Coho is a reality of Coho fishing but losing that many Coho also provides excellent material to harass your fishing partners.     


 Aug 28 I was fishing with my daughter Julie, my son Corey and Art Hackler Friday morning in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery.  We hooked 8 and landed 3 Coho.   Julie got the biggest (weighing in the high teens) and pretty happy about it.  My kids are a bit competitive.  They must have gotten that characteristic from their mother. :)  Congratulations Julie!

 Aug 28 Art Goodwin and his brother and nephew boated 12 Coho on Friday morning.  This was the first day of their fishing trip to Kitimat.  Wow nicely done guys!  Sorry no photos


 Aug 29 Sabin Simard reports, "Here's a picture of myself, Sabin Simard, Richard Carlesso and Paul Pomerleau after an afternoon of fishing near Jesses Lake on august 29th.  The Coho are still very present as you can see as we landed 7 in only a few hours, the biggest being 13 pounds. Plus we caught about 30 some big prawns. Great day, great weather and an awesome place." Congratulation Guys!


 Aug 29 I had the pleasure of fishing our Web designer Denise Pedro, her husband Bento and their three boys, Benny, Myles and Cruz.  We landed 6 Coho.  I believe four of these were products of two double headers. We had a great time Coho fishing in the Kitimat Harbour.  Denise said, "Bento was so thrilled with the day; it was great for me to see how much fun the whole family had and honestly, these are memories we're going to treasure always! Thanks for the time and ALL the effort Ron!"  You are more than welcome Denise.  This trip was my way of saying "Thank You" for the wonderful job that you did on our website. It was a pleasure to fish with you and your family. You should have also noticed that I had just as much fun as you, Bento and the boys.  Congratulations to the Pedro family on your catch.  It was a wonderful day on the Douglas Channel.


Aug 29 and 30th
Dave Payjack fishing with our clients Barry and son Kail Ross and Lee Dowd and Blake Walker.
Dave said  "The 2 day fishing trip with your clients Barry, Kail, Lee and Blake was awesome, I sure do enjoy taking out such great people to share in the amazing fishing that we have to offer at this time of the year. 
We were successful in catching every species that we targeted: 1 Hali 87 lb, 1 Hali 37 lb, 2 Hali in the 20 lb range.  The group also caught and kinda released a halibut that was over 120lbs.  We also caught a nice ling cod along with a couple other cod.
Later we moved on to the coho and landed 14 releasing a few of them."
Wow! Congratulations guys.  Thank You for enlisting our Guide and Charter services.  We hope we can be of service to you in the future.


 Aug 30 morning My daughter Julie and I had the opportunity to fish for Coho in the Kitimat Harbour Fishery on Sunday morning.  I truly treasure fishing with all my kids and their friends but I especially enjoy spending some one on one time fishing with my kids.  Julie is a very keen angler and a little on the competitive side.  She probably got this character trait from her Mom.  Julie and I had a wonderful morning of Coho fishing and Julie landed 4 very nice Coho.


 Aug 30 afternoon After having fueling up and having a very nice lunch at the "Fisherman's Pier" at MK Bay Marina we went back out in the afternoon with Tamara Sweeny and her son Dylan.  We landed 3 Coho and two sockeye.  We had a great time fishing with Tamara and we had fun harassing Dylan a little.  It was all in good fun,  Congratulations on your catch Dylan and Tamara. Tamara promised to share for Dill fish recipe and with her permission I hope to share it a future report. 

 Summary for Douglas Channel: The Channel is still producing outstanding numbers of Coho throughout the waters of the Douglas Channel except for the Kitimat Harbour fishery which dropped slightly.  Money Point, Sue Channel and Jesse are still producing good numbers of Coho.  Halibut and Bottom fish is also pretty good throughout the Douglas Channel.  This is a great time to be fishing the Douglas Channel as boaters can productively catch both Coho and Halibut on the same trip.

 The Kitimat Harbour Coho catch rates dropped off a bit compared to last week.  With the big tides and the high Kitimat River water levels the Coho migrating into the river caused this noticeable drop in numbers of Coho caught in the Kitimat Harbour.  There were still Coho being caught but not as many as when the Kitimat River water levels were lower.  With the Kitimat River water level dropping, the Saltwater boaters are hoping that the Coho "stack up" in the Kitimat Harbour again in time for this weekend's Chamber of Commerce Derby.  Stay Tuned.

 The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Derby is coming up on September 5th and 6th.  It is an outstanding event and prizes have been increased to be enjoyed by all the participants.  For interested anglers from out of town, Derby tickets can be purchased by calling the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce with a Credit Card. Cast here to see the poster  Please contact the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce at 250 632 6294 Toll Free 1-800-664-6554 or email address

 We have River drift boat dates available as well as Saltwater Charter dates.  Please contact Ron at

 Thank you to all who provided info and photos to this report.

 Tight lines, Silver Fish and Big Smiles especially the Kids


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