Reliable Guide and Charters and Ron’s Mobile Fishing Report July 24 to July 30

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Marcello fishing with his partner, Sandra from Italy is proudly holding the Chinook he caught on the Kitimat River.  Marcello was hosted by our Pro Guide Marc Girard on a Driftboat Trip down the lower Kitimat River on July 24th.  Marcello and Sandra landed lots of Chum and Pinks in the first hole they fished.  As they left the pool they hooked a big Chinook that they chased down river 1/2 mile.  They eventually lost it. After a few moments of disapointment caused by loosing a big Chinook, they hooked and landed our Photo of the Week. Alls well that ends well!  Congratulations to Marcello and Sandra. Great Job Marc!
Anyone wishing to Book a Driftboat Trip with Marc, please contact Ron 250 632 1275 or email

July 24th: Susan Magduralan and Allan Kit are photoed here with their dailly quota of Pink Salmon.
Susan and Allan were hosted by our Pro Guide Dan Patchett on our Special Offer of a 1/2 Day Driftboat Trip for 2 people for 300.00.


July 25: Destiny caught this Coho in 5ft of water at the lower dike at approximately10:30am this morning using a Pink Thunder Jig.  These jigs are exclusive to Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van and Bait Shop.  They are designed, tested and approved by Proffessional Guides and some of the finest anglers in Kitimat. In short we let the fish determine the final product.  There are on going upgrades that are being tested as I write this but the proof is in the picture that they are working now.  Thank You to Destiny for sharing your picture with our fishing report and Congratulation on your catch.

July 25 Gerald Foley is holding a beautiful Coho that he caught on our 1/2 day Driftboat Special Offer of 300.00 for 2 people.  Gerald was fishing with his long time good friend Ralph Woods and our Pro Guide, Marc Girard.  They caught a bunch of Pinks and Chum in addition to this beautiful bright Coho.
Congratulations Gerald!  Well done everyone!  Thank You to Gerald and Ralph for using our Guide Services.  Great Job Marc!
Anyone wishing to Book a Driftboat Trip of a Lifetime with Marc, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

July 26 Pro Guide Marc Girard fishing with our clients, Emily Pitt and Curtis MacDonald on our Special 1/2 Day Drift Boat Offer.  Emily landed this beauty on their drift.  Emily looks pretty happy holding her catch.  Congratulations Emily and Thank you to you and Curtis for using our Guiding Services.  Great Job Marc!

July 26 Jenna Minnie provided this photo and comments, “We have migrated north to escape the Williams lake fires. Traveling north we have found refuge in Terrace & Kitimat area. The small group of us have been evacuated for about a week & a half now. River fishing has taking our minds off of the fires. Here’s a pictures of one of my pink salmon I caught on the Kitimat River. We are so pleased with how great the fishing has been. We are definitely planning on returning to Kitimat in the future!”
Good for you and your group, |Jenna.  Fishing has a way of soothing the soul.  It is nice to read that the Kitimat River provided you with a way to forget your troubles even for a little while.  Thank You for sharing your thoughts and your photo with this Fishing Report.



July 26 Multi Level Patient Fishing Trip.  I had the pleasure of hosting the Multi Level Care Fishing Team.  I was honoured to be joined a very compassionate, loving group of anglers who were willing to share their passion of fishing with this very special group of anglers.  This annual fishing trip was started in 1987 by Angelo Loggia who was our local Department of Fisheries Officer.   Angelo asked me to help out with rods, reels, a little tackle and a warped sense of humour.  After Angelo was tranferred, I was promoted to Captain Ron and I introduced Driftboats, crab shucking and crab eating to the agenda.  Over the years I also added my daughters, Julie and Michelle and my sons, Brandon and Corey to Ron’s Mobile Tackle Van team and now my Grandson, Zander and his friend Bretton.

Multi Level Care 2017 Fishing Team consisted of  Louis Borges, Avie Ennis, Anne Evans, Janice McKenzie, Sylvia Mitchell and Amy Grant.

Multi Level Care Volunteer Team: Linda Oke, Myrna Cronack, Diane Plante, Luis Borges, Vernon Mitchell

Ron’s Mobile Fishing Team;  Ron Wakita (Captain Ron) , Jalisa Schaber (Mobile Woman), Marc Girard (Chief Girard)  Ken Flemings (Alfred),  Dianne (Lady Di), , Julie (Princess) and Zander (Zanderman, 2 yrs old)Brady, Bretton, (5yrs old) , Joe Martins, Tony, Richard and Paul,Talyn and Ashley.

Special Thanks to John and Stephen from Blue Heron Charters for providing the crab.
I am Blessed to be able share the passion of fishing with this very special group.  Life is precious, Fishing is special and having fun is priceless.
“Thank You to everyone for a wonderful day of fishing.” says it best.
“May God Bless everyone”, says it from my heart.
Captain Ron

Zander’s 1st Chinook Fishing  Team. Bretton, Captain PaPa, Vern,Paul,Talyn and Ashley. It took 5 people on the rod to make one happy boy!  Thank You to everyone who helped land this fish.  Great Job Team!

July 27, 9:30am: Paul from Lumby is holding the chum he caught at the pump house using a solid pink bubblegum thunder jig.

July 27: Harry Lang caught his first salmon at approximately 7:15pm at the bridge. Congratulations Harry!

July 27 Colin McColl provided this photo and comment, ” Hey Ron this is behind the hatchery.  Colin”.  Congratulations Colin and Thank You for sharing your photo with this Fishing Report.

July 27 Jalisa Schaber and I, alias “Mobile Woman” and Mobile Van Guy” did a drift down the lower Kitimat River from Haisla Bridge to upper lower dike with my good friend Ian.  Although Chinook was our intended target, Jalisa landed this rather big Chum and Ian landed a Pink during our afternoon drift.  Ian was instructed by his wife to, “bring home some salmon”.  Mission accomplished and for once Ian did as he was told. : )

July 27 Pro Guides Marc Girard and Adam Legge had the pleasure of hosting Keri and Roy Dresen and their boys, Darian,Aedan and Logan.  Adam reports that the Dresen family hooked over 20 Pinks and kept 4.  Keri is proudly holding her 24lb Pride and Joy!  The proof is her smile. I don’t think that Roy and the boys are ever going fishing without their Mom.  Congratulations everyone!  Thank You for using our Driftboat services.

July 28, 9am:  Anson Lang is holding a pink salmon he caught using a pink thunder jig!

July 28, 11:30am: “That guy” from Alberta landed a pink salmon down at the lower dike.

Dominic’s Winning catch!

July 29 Marc Girard and Dan Patchett, Pro Guides for Reliable Guide and Charters provided these pictures of Robin, Dennis and Dominic Peterson, Ashley Miller-McKay.  They had a lot or fun catching lots of Pinks and fresh Chum on their driftboat trip and the fish count meter was also getting a good workout.  I look forward to posting their final results at the end of their trip.  Stay tuned!  There was a fishing contest on this Driftboat Trip.  The boys were in one Driftboat (Father and son) and the girls (Mother and Daughter) were in the other.  The classic show down of Girls against the Boys.  The Boys caught the most and biggest fish but good fun was had by all.
Congratulations to everyone.  Thank You for using our Guide services.

July 30  
Lower. lower Dike 2 Coho reported landed Bar Fishing
Lower Radley Park 2 Coho reported landed on Pink Thunder Jigs

July 29 and 30 Brenda York with her two coho. One Saturday one one Sunday. Both fish took her spin n  glow within 10 minutes of putting her line in the water on lower dike. Leaving her husband to catch couple of pinks. Wow!  Congratulations Brenda!  I feel bad for your husband but at least he caught some Pinks. : )
Thank You for sharing your photos and comments with our Fishing Report


The Kitimat River is full of salmon.
Chinook is on it’s down ward slide.
Please note Chinook closes for retention midnight July 31st.
Pinks are running every rising tide and sometimes a bunch arrive in between
tides.  These ones are usually males that didn’t read the instructions.
The proof is in the pictures of Pinks with sea ice when the tides are
There are lots of Chum with sea lice migrating into the Kitimat that are
already coloured up.  There are different theories as to why that is but the
important fact is that the Chum are showing up.
There have been a few Coho showing up.  When I say a few, we logged 3 Coho
in our Driftboat guide group and 10 Coho in our mobile log and store log this

There are 4 species of salmon in the Kitimat River right now available for anglers to catch and enjoy.  This time of the fishing season is an excellent time for families to enjoy the sport of fishing.  Each member of the family can target his or her favorite species.  There are some family groups that consist of 3 or 4 generations.  Good Luck to everyone! God Bless!

Douglas Channel


July 24 John from Blue Heron Charters shared these photos and comments, “Noah with Our catch of crab and his Big chum fishing on the Douglas Channel.”  Wow!  Nicely done!

July 26 John from Blue Heron Charters provided this photo and comment, ““Fishing with Mark and John today, first time halibut fisher John landed this 26 pound bottom feeder.”  Nicely done Mark and John!   Great Job Skipper!


July 27 John from Blue Heron Charters provided this photo and comment, “Fishing with Jenna, Gordon, Cody, John, and Tikka; catching Salmon, Halibut, Gray Cod, and a lot of Dungeness Crab”
Anyone wishing to Book a Saltwater Trip of a Lifetime with John, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

July 27 Larry from Nautical West Sportfishing hosted Steve Allen and family for a day of fun and fishing.
Some of the most memorable family moments can created on a Saltwater fishing Trip with Larry.  The proof is in the smiles!
Anyone wishing to Book a Family Fishing Trip of a Lifetime with Larry, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email

July 29  John from Blue Heron Charters Fishing with Chris and Oland from Austria caught a 25 pound spring along with an assortment of Coho salmon.  Wow!  Well done everyone!  Anyone wishing to Book a Fishing Trip of a Lifetime, please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email


July 29 Larry Wesolowsky from Nautical West Sportfishing provided these photos.
Anyone wishing to Book a Saltwater Trip with Larry please call Ron 250 632 1275 or email 


July 25  Jen Slanina our favorite “Envision Insurance Fishing Gal” is proudly holding the 35lb Chinook she caught on the Skeena River.  Although Jen commented that she could, “hardly lift it”, she is rockin a beautiful smile, photoed with a beautiful Woodridge boat and beautiful shoes! : )
Congratulations Jen for all the above and Thank You for sharing your photo with our Fishing Report.